Targetspot to launch all-in-one Podcast Marketplace in December

Digital audio advertising platform Targetspot has announced its upcoming Podcast Marketplace, an all-in-one ad marketplace for connecting podcast producers with advertising revenue sources. This venture will start in December when the new platform will open to Targetspot’s existing premium publishers and partners. That launch effort will represent 100-million monthly podcast downloads. It will eventually open to all podcast producers. Continue Reading


Jelli and Horizon Media expand partnership for programmatic advertising

Ad agency buyer Horizon Media has expanded its relationship with Jelli, the programmatic ad platform for radio. The latest development will see Horizon using Jelli’s SpotPlan demand-side platform, becoming the first media agency to power all of its programmatic radio ad buying operations for several of its clients agency-wide. Continue Reading


Podbean debuts internal programmatic ad platform

Podbean has launched its own supply-side platform for programmatic advertising. Its new PodAds service will offer targeted ad buys that are dynamically inserted into podcasts hosted on the network. Advertisers and media buyers can use PodAds to set their ad budget and select the shows to run them on by their desired geographic and category areas. Continue Reading


Google moves into programmatic audio ads with DoubleClick expansion

Google has made a move into programmatic audio advertising. The tech giant announced that audio ads are now available to all customers of its DoubleClick Bid Manager. The demand-side platform is rolling out the audio support with inventory from Google Play Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and TuneIn. Pandora is slated to be added soon. Continue Reading


WideOrbit survey finds high interest in programmatic advertising

WideOrbit has published a survey of almost 9,000 professionals about programmatic advertising to ad buyers and radio industry professionals. Overall, the ad buyers showed a greater interest and willingness to pursue programmatic options, while radio stations and radio groups were more likely to have some cautious voices alongside the optimistic ones. Continue Reading


Programmatic company Jelli rolls out SpotPlan 2.0 for easier radio ad buys

Jelli, programmatic radio ad buying platform, announced a new update to its service. SpotPlan 2.0 reflects feedback from major media buying agencies and is designed to improve the progress of demand-side programmatic ad buys. Jelli promises an average ROI improvement of 20% via its latest tools compared with traditional buying methods. Continue Reading


Triton Digital integrates a2x exchange with RTBiQ

Triton Digital announced a new deal to integrate its a2x audio advertising exchange with RTBiQ, a digital advertising solutions business with a mobile-first DSP platform. This partnership will grant RTBiQ’s advertisers the ability to add online audio from top broadcasters and streaming music services to their programmatic, omni-channel buys. Continue Reading