Podtrac Top Podcast Publishers (June), plus RAIN remix

Podtrac has released the June edition of the measurement company’s Top Podcast Publishers ranker. Many publications make noise about NPR reclaiming the #1 spot from iHeartRadio (and we hereby note it dutifully), but these two podcast powerhouses are separated by a small fraction of the key metric, US Unique Monthly Audience, and they flip back and forth. Click through for the chart, and RAIN’s remix based on per-show averages. Continue Reading


Voxnest State of the Podcast Universe: Key trends for mid-2020

Voxnest released a mid-year interim report, part of its State of the Podcast Universe, which is an annual release at year-end. The report is divided into four main observational sections corresponding to podcast business trends: Business, Advertising, Listening, Content. We’ve raided the report for a few key points; click through for a link to the actual download. Continue Reading


U.S. Latinos a key component of podcast listening: First-ever study from Edison Research

In its first Latino Podcast Listener Report, Edison Research revealed a raft of statistics about a key American listening segment. Twenty-five percent of U.S. Latinos are monthly podcast listeners. Perhaps more important, 20% are weekly listeners, nearly matching the percentage of the total U.S. (13+) population. Continue Reading


April streaming flat from March; NPR’s COVID bump (Webcast Metrics)

Stream listening held steady in April compared to March (actually up by a fraction of a percent). The numbers come from Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics Top 20 Ranker, and RAIN’s monthly tracking of the Ranker over 10+ years. The year-over-year view showed an unusually large 10% decline, due almost entirely to Pandora’s 14% drop in listenership during that span. Click through for the 10-year trendlines. Continue Reading


Stock chart update: SPOT, SIRI, IHRT, ETM

Here is the latest in our perio;dic update of major audio stock performance. In the chart below, we see the violent fluctuations in stock value for Spotify (SPOT), SiriusXM (SIRI), iHeartMedia (IHRT), and Entercom (ETM). These four companies embody numerous audio creation, distribution, and technology entities, including: Gimlet Media, Parcast, Anchor, Pandora, AdsWizz, Simplecast, iHeartPodcast Network, Stuff Media, Cadence13, RADIO.com, and Pineapple Street Studios. Continue Reading


IAB Projects strong podcast spend in H2; also forecasts radio

In this time of flux, defined by COVID uncertainty, upheaval in the streets, and an upcoming US presidential election, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released a study in which ad buyers were surveyed about their expected allocations in the second half of 2020. Podcasting fares well, and terrestrial radio fares better than other traditional categories. Continue Reading


Podcasts & Speakers reach all-time high share of ear (Edison)

Edison Research sent an advisory release comprising a piece of that company’s subscription Share of Ear project, an ongoing study of what Americans choose to listen to, and in what measure. In-home listening during COVID-19 is sharply up, predictably. Also, podcasting and smart-speaker listening gained by double-digit share in listening. Continue Reading


Apple’s COVID-19 mobility trends show routines returning to normal (maybe)

Is the world returning to normal life? There are many answers to that question. One set of answers can be derived from information released by Apple. The company has released a fascinating dataset of mobility information, covering the period from January 13 to June 8. The info comes from Apple Maps, and carries three trendlines: Driving, Walking, and Transit.  Continue Reading