Westwood One spring podcast report covers recent converts’ preferences and Apple’s waning lead

Westwood One has teamed with Audience Insights and MARU/Matchbox for an investigation into monthly podcast listeners in the U.S. Their survey included breakdowns based on how long the participants have been podcast listeners, with those who have been regular listeners for less than six months reporting some very distinct behaviors compared to the long-time fans. Continue Reading


CTA mid-year report pegs 2019 on-demand music revenue at $8 billion

The Consumer Technology Assocation released its latest projections, anticipating that 2019 will see $401 billion in retail revenue for consumer technologies in the United States. The report suggested that growth in streaming services, AI-enabled devices, and in-vehicle technology would be key in driving that 2.2% on-year increase. Continue Reading


Megaphone finds contemporary podcasts are getting shorter

The latest blog post from Megaphone is a series of visualizations about how average podcast length has changed over time. The company reviewed data from the 549 podcasts on the Apple Podcasts Top 200 list between March 6th-May 11th. The results showed a large number of podcast episodes running just shy of an hour, which Megaphone deemed a nod to classic radio formatting. Continue Reading


Voxnest explores most popular listening times by podcast category

Voxnest has been publishing several analyses about different corners of podcast listening, and the latest one is about show categories. The company’s new report finds that listening habits vary across different show subjects, which could mean different best practices for podcasters in terms of publishing times and time-specific advertisements. Continue Reading


PODTRAC: NPR top publisher in June (plus RAIN data remix for audience-per-show)

Podtrac released the Top 10 Podcast Publishers ranking for June. In it, the tightly competitive reign of NPR (#1) and iHeartRadio (#2) continued as in previous months. RAIN has remixed the ranker to list publishers according to the size of audience, and number of plays, per show produced by each publisher. The result shines light on the power of hit shows vs. the power of a network ecosystem.  Continue Reading


53M+ smart speaker owners in U.S.: NPR/Edison Research Smart Speaker Report

Fifty-three million American adults own smart speakers. Because some people and households own multiple speakers, that adds up to 118.5-million devices — a 78% increase in overall device ownership year-over-year. This, and much other data, come from the NPR/Edison Research Smart Audio Report, released in a webinar today. Continue Reading