What is podcast’s return on ad spend? Acast surveys marketers

“Identifying a medium’s return on ad spend (ROAS) is tricky.” That’s how Acast forthrightly introduces its new survey: Podcast’s Return on Ad Spend.To help identify how effective podcasts are on this metric in 2023, Acast Intelligence ran a study with 250 advertisers/marketers who have spent money on multiple podcast campaigns before. Click for multiple results, graphs, and the download link. Continue Reading


Edison’s unique Podcast Metrics product will expand to UK in Q3

Edison Research announced the launch of Edison Podcast Metrics UK, today at the Podcast Show 2023 taking place in London. There are many podcast rankers. But Edison Podcast Metrics claims uniqueness based on its survey model. Click through for the details about that, and a leak of leading podcasts in the UK at this point in the survey. Continue Reading


The popularity and politics of podcasts: Insights from Pew Research Center

From a large-scale survey (5,132 U.S. adults surveyed in December), the Pew Research Center has released results about the popularity of podcasts and the habits of listeners. It’s a big study with deep analysis provided by Pew. We cover key takeaways and a couple of nuances. Click for metrics, graphics, and a link to the full study. Continue Reading


YAP Media’s “new era of podcasting” (Podcast Upfront presentation)

YAP Media Founder and CEO Hala Taha kindly sent RAIN News the presentation deck she delivered at the IAB Podcast Upfront last week. YAP Media was founded around the Young and Profiting podcast, created and hosted by Taha. The YAP network has grown to 15 podcasts. The deck is notable for the range of data sources cited across 23 slides. Click for details, selected slides, and a download link. Continue Reading

Moms: Avid online audio users (Edison Research)

Edison Research released its fifth Moms and Media survey. The fieldwork is a spinoff of The Infinite Dial, in which 1,500 12+ people are queried about their online preferences and habits. In this cut, “Mom” is defined as a woman having at least one child under 18 living in her household. Click for results, graphic charts, and the download link. Continue Reading

Podcast ad rates rise again in April (Libsyn/AdvertiseCast)

The average cost per thousand (CPM) for podcast ads moved upward in April for the second consecutive month, across all measures of audience size. This according to AdvertiseCast’s monthly tracker, where average CPM for all audience size buckets (1,000 to 100,000+) settled in at $23.04, rising from the March average of $22.10. Click through for a 3-year trend chart. Continue Reading

Podcast listening growth across all age demos at center of iHeartMedia report

The State of Podcasting 2023 is the ambitious title of a new iHeartMedia report. If the title reaches high, the data scale upwards too. The reach of podcasting, measured by daily listening. has soared upward for all age groups in timelines going back to 2015. There is also an interesting result when you put podcast listening next to Netflix subscriptions. Click for details, charts, and a download link. Continue Reading

Boomers are a tough podcast demo, but worth winning (Edison Research / NPR)

In nearly every listening metric, the Boomer generation lags younger groups when it comes to involvement in online audio generally, and podcasting specifically. That’s the conclusion of an interesting and revealing collection of data from Edison Research and NPR. Boomers act differently from younger groups in key audio-related behaviors, making older listeners clearly identifiable and attractive. Click for takeaways and a link to the study. Continue Reading