Omny Studio introduces audit features for enterprise podcast management

Triton Digital, parent company of podcast hosting and technology platform Omny Studios, is announcing a suite of auditing features for enterprise clients. These tools enable companies to track organization staff who are creating and modifying objects in the company’s podcast assets. The objects include chapter markers, clips, playlists, and other items. Additionally, the audit log can be utilized to track network and organization activity, such as user settings, invites and permissions. Click through for a link to screenshots of the new tools. Continue Reading


Targetspot to integrate Tru Optik’s Household Graph data platform for audience targeting

Starting in February, ad-tech company Targetspot will integrate Tru Optik’s identity resolution platform, offering Targetspot advertisers enhanced targeting of ads to U.S. homes. Through this integration, buyers and sellers are able to identify and segment audiences across mobile and streaming audio devices, including smart speakers. Click through for details of both companies. Continue Reading


Audible makes changes to its maligned audiobook royalty rules

When was the last time you returned a book you purchased? If it was an audiobook you bought in Amazon-owned Audible, you might have benefited from a relaxed and encouraging returns policy which allows a listener to trade one audiobook for another within a year from purchase. Great for customers; bad for authors and publishers (and some voice performers) whose royalty statements were filled with deductions from payments received months earlier. There has been clamor for change. At the new year, Amazon has responded. Click through for the story. Continue Reading


Podcast daily news news

The podcasting daily news space is crowded and successful as a category. The extensive lineup of daily news podcasts fluxes quite a bit, with new additions, and revisions to existing programs. Here, three items of note. Cadence13 partners with a new organization, Punchbowl News, for The Daily Punch. Vox starts a not-podcast which is really a playlist of podcasts, all squeezed into one feed — we were baffled, then curious, and now we like it. A well-regarded news podcast from The Washington Post switches out the host, who becomes an opinion columnist at the paper. Click for specifics. Continue Reading


Kast Media goes with Triton Digital for podcast management, money, and measurement

Kast Media, the #11 podcast publisher in Podtrac’s monthly Top 20 Podcast Publishers list for December, has loaded its podcast business into  Triton Digital’s delivery, measurement, and monetization products. Kast Media publishes 51 podcasts (according to Podtrac) across many categories. In December the group served over 28-million downloads and streams to an audience of nearly 5-million unique listeners. Continue Reading


SoundCloud (unsurprisingly) picks AdsWizz for exclusive ad-repping in 14 Euro markets

AdsWizz is trumpeting a major get — Berlin-HQ’d global streamer SoundCloud has chosen the U.S.-HQ’d global ad-tech company AdsWizz to exclusively represent digital audio ad sales in significant European markets. This deal has an in-house feeling; AdsWizz is a subsidiary of Pandora, which is owned by Sirius XM, which also owns 30% of SoundCloud.  Continue Reading


24% of Cumulus radio streams are on smart speakers; and interesting ad campaign results

“Smart speaker ownership soars and brings AM/FM back into the home,” writes Pierre Bouvard in a new Westwood One blog post. A key statistic from the parent company backs this up: 24% of stream listening to Cumulus radio stations happens on smart speakers. Cumulus booked an interesting smart speaker preroll campaign with a consortium of Ford dealerships. Click through for more context, a chart, and link to more. Continue Reading


Podchaser raises $4M; plans new features

Podchaser, a podcast database company and social network of sorts for podcast listeners, announces today that it has raised $4-million from lead investor Greycroft, plus a slewe of additional investors and participating angels. The service plans to build gamification and discussion features into an environment that self-describes as “The IMDb of Pdcasting.” Continue Reading


Tom Hanks vaults TuneIn app to top10, with 28% increase in U.S. downloads

Has A-list actor Tom Hanks joined TuneIn’s corporate communications team? No, but he did shine love on the TuneIn app when Stephen Colbert asked Hanks to name his favorite app. “Camera,” Hanks said. Answer disqualified by Colbert because the camera is built in. It took Hanks one second to assert: “I’ll go to TuneIn Radio because I can listen to any radio station in the world.” TuneIn’s Apple app shot up instantly. Click through for the clip, and for TuneIn’s audience metrics. Continue Reading