YouTube stars in weighty Cumulus/Signal Hill podcast study

In this substantial piece of work, conducted by MARU/Matchbox in April, the focus is on profiling heavy podcast consumers who listen weekly. The survey questions how they listen, their preferred platforms, how video fits in, and their attitudes toward podcast advertising. The result is a rich, multi-faced, detailed portrait of the podcast consumer market. Click for highlights and the study link. Continue Reading

Canadians, Americans, (and YouTube users) have differing reactions to the Rogan-Spotify controversy

Leaping into the moment, Canadian research firm Signal Hill Insights has produced a survey study of consumer reaction to the controversy swirling around Spotify’s distribution ownership of The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan’s wide-ranging interview show is possibly the most successful podcast in the world. Signal Hill dashed into the field for survey work on February 2 and 3. One fulcrum of opinion lies on the American-Canadian border. Click for findings. Continue Reading

Jeff Vidler: How Can the Podcast Industry Best Manage the Ad Revenue Boom?

by Jeff Vidler
In his latest guest column, Jeff Vidler contemplates U.S. ad spend on podcasting has nearly doubled every two years since 2015. Listeners are receptive. The blend of advertisers is changing, and so are ad types. The highly successful host-read ad is difficult to scale. As podcasting steers toward programmatic, Jeff examines new formats and campaign types. Continue Reading

Jeff Vidler: Integrating Big Data with Survey Data to Help Fill Gaps in Podcast Measurement

by Jeff Vidler
Who exactly is listening to your podcast? It may be the most important question that an advertiser has when they’re looking to make a buy. Yet, no single industry-wide measure has been able to answer that question. Signal Hill Insights and Triton Digital are collaborating with the intent to marry census-level big data with survey results for a hyper-granular level of audience understanding. Jeff Vidler is the President of Signal Hill Insights. Continue Reading

Jeff Vidler: Helping Brands Think Outside the Audio Box: A Manifesto

by Jeff Vidler
New opportunities for audio are capturing the attention of advertisers. But is audio advertising coming from new sources, or being moved around from one type of audio to another? Guest columnist and Signal Hill Insights President Jeff Vidler discusses how the audio industry is selling audio short. This is a manifesto, and a clear commitment for his company. A must read. Continue Reading

Jeff Vidler: Increased Data Privacy Controls – New Opportunities for Audio

by Jeff Vidler
Guest columnist and Signal Hill Insights President Jeff Vidler discusses an emerging trend in the underlying technology of digital audio advertising. “The sands are shifting under the feet of digital marketing as we march towards an online future that promises less personal tracking,” he writes. What is the opportunity for audio? Continue Reading

Podcasting is accelerating, with habitual listening on the rise: Cumulus/Signal Hill report

The recently renamed Cumulus Podcast Network engaged Signal Hill Insights for “Podcast Download” — a data report which covers listener behavior, genre engagement, acceptance of advertising, and more. This is one of the most dense and graphic reports we’ve seen. Click for details and the download link. Continue Reading

Early days for Clubhouse, with distinct user profile. Signal Hill Insights releases Clubhouse study.

You know an app is buzzworthy when research organizations study it. So it is with Clubhouse, the iOS-only, Android-excluding social audio app that has quickly gained high awareness. Toronto-based Signal Hill Insights partnered with social media researcher Digital Hug in a two-phase study of usage of, and sentiment for, Clubhouse. Continue Reading