Research: Evaluating effectiveness of podcast talent-voiced ads in different scenarios

A new study co-produced by podcast ad company Gumball, Amazon-owned ART19, and audio research firm Signal Hill Insights seeks to understand the effectiveness of podcast ad types in three specific scenarios:

  • Host-Read: a conventional podcast ad voiced by the host of the podcast in which the ad appears
  • Talent-Read: an ad voiced by talent from an existing podcast, but who is not featured in the specific podcast where the ad is inserted
  • Announcer-Read: an ad voiced by voice talent unaffiliated with a podcast, and who is unidentified

To gain insights, the study addressed a panel of 800 monthly podcast listeners, aged 25-54. Each participant listened to three ad presentations, each viced by podcast host Tom Bilyeu:

  1. Tom Bilyeu’s podcast
  2. An “adjacent” podcast topically related to Bilyeu’s podcast
  3. A “neutral” podcast

The study purpose was to determine how each listening scenario scored in three criteria: Familiarity, Affinity, and Purchase Intent. Those takeaways are illustrated in the graph below:

The study report is more intricate — in its queries and results — than represented here. It’s freely available; get it HERE.

Brad Hill