Pandora enables podcast downloads — only for Plus and Premium users

In its latest app update, Pandora now offers offline listening to podcasts — in other words, downloading them. We had read that the feature was exclusive to subscribers, of which there are two tiers: Plus, and semi-interactive streaming service, and Premium, a fully interactive audio listening and collection service. We thought this limitation was unusual, and reached out to Pandora for confirmation, which we received. Click through for a perspective.
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SiriusXM reportedly will buy Stitcher from Scripps

After 48 hours of rumors, today we get … well, sort-of confirmation that SiriusXM will acquire Stitcher from E.W.Scripps. The confirmation part is from the Wall Street Journal. The sort-of part is the article’s first sentence: “Sirius XM Holdings Inc. is near a deal to buy E.W. Scripps Co.’s Stitcher.” There is no visible confirmation from Sirius, Stitcher, or Scripps. But, as of this morning, industry-wide assumption is that the deal is all but done … in a “poised to buy” sort of way. This acquisition adds a chapter in the corporate life of each company involved. Continue Reading


Michael Robertson: Is the Spotify Deal With Joe Rogan Illegal?

by Michael Robertson

This guest contribution by iconic digital audio entrepreneur Michael Robertson digs into the U.S. copyright code and finds a statute which might relate to, and potentially invalidate, Spotify’s exclusive distribution deal with Joe Rogan. Continue Reading


Podtrac Top Podcast Publishers (June), plus RAIN remix

Podtrac has released the June edition of the measurement company’s Top Podcast Publishers ranker. Many publications make noise about NPR reclaiming the #1 spot from iHeartRadio (and we hereby note it dutifully), but these two podcast powerhouses are separated by a small fraction of the key metric, US Unique Monthly Audience, and they flip back and forth. Click through for the chart, and RAIN’s remix based on per-show averages. Continue Reading


Voxnest State of the Podcast Universe: Key trends for mid-2020

Voxnest released a mid-year interim report, part of its State of the Podcast Universe, which is an annual release at year-end. The report is divided into four main observational sections corresponding to podcast business trends: Business, Advertising, Listening, Content. We’ve raided the report for a few key points; click through for a link to the actual download. Continue Reading


PRX picks up “Latino USA” for distribution

We received a note from PRX with the news that the audio network has scored distribution rights for Latino USA, a national news and cultural affairs program, for release to 220 public radio stations across the U.S. The Latino USA podcast (see it HERE) will join PRX’s portfolio of on-demand audio. The program is anchored by journalist and Futuro Media Group founder Maria Hinojosa. Continue Reading


U.S. Latinos a key component of podcast listening: First-ever study from Edison Research

In its first Latino Podcast Listener Report, Edison Research revealed a raft of statistics about a key American listening segment. Twenty-five percent of U.S. Latinos are monthly podcast listeners. Perhaps more important, 20% are weekly listeners, nearly matching the percentage of the total U.S. (13+) population. Continue Reading