James Cridland’s Future of Radio: New tech means more choice, and the Apple Podcasts Chart is screwed, so what comes next?

by James Cridland

James Cridland’s Future of Radio is a column by the Australia-based radio futurologist. THIS WEEK: Several posts from James covering the drama around the Apple Podcast charts and the options provided by new technologies. Continue Reading


Tencent Music delays IPO at least to November

Tencent Music Entertainment was slated to launch its highly anticipated IPO in the United States this month, but the latest rumors are that it has opted to postpone the action at least until November. Sources familiar with the music group’s plans told The Wall Street Journal that the company chose to wait in response to an unsteady market that would have a negative impact on the pricing. Continue Reading


The Music Modernization Act signed into law, ending a chapter in licensing overhaul

The Music Modernization Act has been signed into law, ending a long battle to overhaul mechanical licensing and rights for both publishers and songwriters at the federal level. The law, as compromised between the Senate and the House of Representatives, has the same three central components as it did while progressing through Congress. Continue Reading


NextRadio/Tagstation facing extinction: No industry support according to Emmis boss Smulyan

Emmis Communications Corp announced in a quarterly earnings call that it will “dramatically reduce the operations” of its NextRadio project following years of losses. NextRadio was an effort to make mobile phones act like portable radios, with an app that let listeners tune in to FM stations. It also offered targeted advertising and other enhancements. Continue Reading


Canadian Podcast Listener Report finds audiences are growing, as are responses to ads

The Canadian Podcast Listener Report 2018 offers insights on the steadily growing audience for podcasts in Canada and the unique trends of this market. Jeff Vidler, president of Audience insights, and Jeff Ulster, chief content and technology officer for The Podcast Exchange, presented the full study on Wednesday at the RAIN Summit Canada in Toronto. Continue Reading