Infinite Album wins Midem award for no-royalty AI gaming soundtrack

Infinite Album, a music/tech startup from entrepreneur, consultant, author, and RAIN Summit speaker Karen Allen, has won the 2021 Midemlab award in the Music Creation & Education category. Midemlab is part of the annual Midem music business conference in France. Infinite Album creates AI-generated music soundtracks for online gaming. Click for details and an illustrative video. Continue Reading


Earned media agency Critical Mention signs Podchaser analytics

In a sign of podcasting’s influencer power, Critical Mention — an agency which tracks and measures earned media (unpaid publicity) — has announced a partnership with podcast database platform Podchaser. The arrangement will allow Critical Mention agency clients to track and measure brand mentions across podcasting, as Podchaser’s internal dataset is built internally into Critical Mention’s toolset. Continue Reading


“Black Podcast Listener Report” reveals size and characteristics of the American Black audience

The much anticipated Black Podcast Listener Report, with support from Edison Research and Mindshare, was released today and presented in a webinar. Key survey points cover the size of the Black listening audience and how it compares with the total U.S. population, how that audience discovers podcasts, their receptivity to podcast ads, and much more. Click through for many data points and graphics. Continue Reading


James Cridland’s International Radio Trends: Radio is a hit for car drivers

by James Cridland

James Cridland returns with an epic edition of his weekly column, starting with new research spanning survey respondents in Australia, Europe, and the U.S. — 80% of them really like radio to other listening experiences in the car. Then, a big radio acquisition in Brisbane. Much more, including a “youthquake.” Continue Reading


AccuRadio launches One Song Radio, making a Dallas bar happy

In response to the viral news story of a Dallas bar’s note on its jukebox that Mariah Carey’s hit song “All I Want for Christmas is You” is not to be played until December 1st — and then only once per evening — AccuRadio, as a public service, has launched a new channel called “One Song Radio: All I Want for Christmas is You,” featuring only the popular Carey/Afanasleff composition as performed by dozens of artists. Click for info. Continue Reading


Spotify acquires Findaway for acceleration of audiobook involvement

On the same day that Edison Research and NPR released The Spoken Word Audio Report for 2021 (RAIN coverage HERE), Spotify announced its acquisition of Findaway, the audiobook facilitator and distributor. Finances of the deal are undisclosed, and might not represent the potential long-term impact of the acquisition to Spotify and to spoken word listening. Continue Reading


Jeff Vidler: Integrating Big Data with Survey Data to Help Fill Gaps in Podcast Measurement

by Jeff Vidler
Who exactly is listening to your podcast? It may be the most important question that an advertiser has when they’re looking to make a buy. Yet, no single industry-wide measure has been able to answer that question. Signal Hill Insights and Triton Digital are collaborating with the intent to marry census-level big data with survey results for a hyper-granular level of audience understanding. Jeff Vidler is the President of Signal Hill Insights. Continue Reading


Spoken-word listening rapidly growing; music and AM/FM erode (Spoken Word Audio Report)

The 2021 edition of the annual Spoken Word Audio Report, a comprehensive survey study fielded by Edison Research with support from NPR, is out. Key findings include how all kinds of spoken word audio listening (podcasting, audiobooks, AM/FM talk radio) is quickly growing, and largely eating into AM/FM talk radio. Click through for many in-depth details, graphics, and the download link for full results and videos. Continue Reading