MIDiA: Spotify and Apple can each lay claim to leads in podcast platform war

MIDiA Research posted a graphic from its fourth-quarter podcast tracker survey ahead of the launch of its Podcast Platforms report. The data, from a consumer survey of 576 podcast users, show Spotify with a lead in the overall weighted average of four national cohorts. Spotify is also the leading podcast app for Canada, Australia, and the UK, according to MIDiA’s research — but Google leads in the U.S. Continue Reading


MIDiA H1 2019 report: Spotify takes a strong lead in global music subscription market

MIDiA Research has published data about the global streaming market shares of different services for the first half of 2019. The report found that there were 304.9 million streaming music subscribers around the world at the end of June 2019. That’s an increase of 34 million subscribers fro the end of December 2018 and 69 million from the close of June 2018. Continue Reading


MIDiA report: Streaming revenue in 2022 could surpass total music revenue from 2018

MIDiA Research has released an executive summary of its subscriber report with a forecast for the global music industry from 2018 through 2026, and the analysis shows that streaming will continue to be critical to the sector’s success. By 2022, the report anticipates that streaming revenue is set to exceed the music industry’s total revenue from 2018. Continue Reading


MIDiA Research explores YouTube, the value of advertisements, and the risk of EU’s Article 13

MIDiA Research has a new report examining YouTube’s impact on the international streaming market. Its assessment shares statistics from the video platform in Q3 2018 and shares insights as to how the recent legislation passed in Europe could have unintended effects on the music industry as a whole. Continue Reading


Global music subscriber base continues to grow, led by Spotify

MIDiA Research has released its data on the global market shares held by streaming services at the midway point of 2018. Overall, music subscribers totaled 229.5 million in H1 2018, an increase of 16% from the end of 2017 and up 38% over the year-ago period. Revenue generated by those subscribers in the first half of 2018 reached $3.498 billion. Continue Reading


MIDiA Research: Streaming boosted global music revenue to $17.4 billion in 2017

MIDiA Research has shared its 2017 figures for the global recorded music market, and its results show a big year of growth thanks to a powerful performance from streaming. Global recorded music revenue hit $17.4 billion during 2017, up 8.5% from $16 billion in 2016. The year’s performance returns the global market to just below its levels from 2008. Continue Reading


MIDiA Research pegs Amazon as the third-biggest music subscription service

MIDiA Research has published an assessment of Amazon’s music efforts. “Based on conversations with rights holders and other industry executives we can confirm that Amazon is now the 3rd largest subscription service,” the MIDiA blog post read. “Amazon can now discard its dark horse guise and be revealed for what it is: one of the top streaming music players.” Continue Reading


UK teens trend toward YouTube, social music, and free listening

UK teens are heavy music consumers on digital and streaming platforms. BPI and the ERA commissioned a study from MIDiA Research about the music habits of Generation Z, which includes millennials up to age 19. The report noted trends about their musical platforms of choice as well as other online behaviors. Continue Reading


MIDiA report: Global streaming revenue could be $20.1 billion by 2025

MIDiA Research has released its second State of the Streaming Nation report. It offers a deep dive into both consumer behaviors and market trends for this industry, covering listeners in Brazil, Germany, Japan, Sweden, the UK, and the U.S. The report found that streaming revenue in 2016 was $7.6 billion (retail values). It projected that figure to reach $20.1 billion by 2025. Continue Reading


MIDiA Research: Streaming drives global music market of $16.1B in 2016

MIDiA Research is always a source of interesting data and analysis for the music industry, and its assessment of the global recorded music revenue in 2016 is no exception. In two recent blog posts, the company explored both the overall performance of the music industry and the shares of that performance secured by each of the major labels. Continue Reading