Global recorded music revenues $23B in 2020; majors underperform; “unstoppable rise” of indies (MIDiA Research)

Total revenues for recorded music were $23.1-billion according to MIDiA Research. Indie labels and artists outperformed in the market, as major labels underperformed. Last year artist-direct earnings broke the $1-billion threshold for the first time. Click through for more details and the infographic. Continue Reading


In streaming music, “tectonic” shift toward direct artists and non-Merlin indie labels — the “new independent”

Mark Mulligan of MIDiA Research published research showing a long tail of music providers which is gradually taking Spotify listening share from major labels and the mighty Merlin aggregate of indie labels. This cohort of providers, growing over three years, represents a “new independent.” Click through for a revealing graphic.
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Music on YouTube: Supply those pipes! (MIDiA Research)

Head of MIDiA Research Mark Mulligan has published an article about maximizing YouTube music chanels. Titled “How YouTube can be a music industry growth driver,” the piece asserts that non-Anglo music channels on YT operate differently from their Anglo counterparts, and are finding success. Click through for an illuminating chart and a link to the analysis. Continue Reading


Opportunities and challenges for radio (MIDiA Research)

In an encompassing and deeply researched report, UK-based MIDiA Research has produced a manifesto for broadcast radio, laying out challenges and opportunities for the future. Titled Radio is Switched On Again: Strategies for 2020 and Beyond, the densely-packed 24-page document is for subscribers only, but MIDiA kindly sent a copy to RAIN News for review. Continue Reading


MIDiA Research report: Changing media consumption during COVID-19

MIDiA Research has tracked the growth of streaming along with many other consumer behaviors over the years. Now, the company is turning its data toward understanding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on media industries. The report predicted that just the change of more people working from home would increase available entertainment time by 15%. Continue Reading


MIDiA: Spotify and Apple can each lay claim to leads in podcast platform war

MIDiA Research posted a graphic from its fourth-quarter podcast tracker survey ahead of the launch of its Podcast Platforms report. The data, from a consumer survey of 576 podcast users, show Spotify with a lead in the overall weighted average of four national cohorts. Spotify is also the leading podcast app for Canada, Australia, and the UK, according to MIDiA’s research — but Google leads in the U.S. Continue Reading


MIDiA H1 2019 report: Spotify takes a strong lead in global music subscription market

MIDiA Research has published data about the global streaming market shares of different services for the first half of 2019. The report found that there were 304.9 million streaming music subscribers around the world at the end of June 2019. That’s an increase of 34 million subscribers fro the end of December 2018 and 69 million from the close of June 2018. Continue Reading