Podcast advertising: double-digit more effective than TV/video (Acast/OMD)

Podcast network Acast, and communications agency OMD, have partnered to conduct what they characterize as “a comprehensive new study” to quantify the effectiveness of podcast advertising. Double-digit percentage gains are the outcome for podcast advertising compared to what the report calls “average media.” Continue Reading

Acast achieves first positive adjusted EBITDA in Q4.

Acast has released  simultaneous reports for Q4 2023 and full year 2023. The headline news promoted by the company’s press release is that Q4 earned a positive adjusted EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization). It is a self-congratulatory moment for one of the largest podcast and advertising networks in the world — “the global independent power source of podcasting” as the company frames it. Continue Reading

98% of global DTC brand marketers say podcasts are effective (Acast)

Global podcasting giant Acast sent us results of two surveys conducted in December, focused on the DTC (direct to consumers) segment. One survey queried 450 marketing pros who specifically work in DTC, and the other questioned 900 consumers who typically shop online directly from a company’s website. Survey results include interesting angles of favorability for DTC podcast marketing. Continue Reading

Podchaser launches new tech for evaluating podcast ad campaigns

For direct response podcast advertisers, “reach doesn’t necessarily equal conversions.” That’s the rationale for a new Podchaser feature called Performance+, voiced by CEO Bradley Davis. The new addition to Podchaser’s tech offerings promises to deliver the strongest results against a client’s advertising objectives. Continue Reading

Acast partners with Comscore division Proximic, anticipating third-party cookie deprecation

We have heard of a coming elimination of third-party cookies for years. The threat remains top-of-mind for many media segments, and global podcast company Acast now announces a cookie-free targeting solution for advertisers. The new capability is called Predictive Audiences, and it’s made possible by an alliance with Comscore technology. Continue Reading