Edison Podcast Metrics releases top new podcasts of 2023

As statistical roundups for 2023 continue rolling in, we receive The Top New Podcasts Of 2023, an infographic from Edison Research. Edison’s ranking method differentiates from most others, by deriving results from live surveys, not from download measurements. The key advantage of that method is inclusivity — any podcast in the world is eligible for mention. Click for details. Continue Reading

Spoken word audio report (NPR / Edison Research): Record high consumption; podcast share growing; AM/FM unbeatable in the car

The fifth annual iteration of The Spoken Word Audio Report has been released by Edison Research and NPR. While the research continues to measure basic trend lines of listening to spoken word content, such as reach and time-of-day metrics, this year the two companies bring a special emphasis on listening locations. This post takes a fairly deep dive and provides a download link. Continue Reading

Top ten popular podcasts consumed in affluent households (Edison Research)

In an interesting data slice, Edison Research has published a top-10 list of podcasts that index highest in households whose incomes exceed $100k. Among the audio data gathering ecosystem Edison is uniquely able to create such a list, via its thorough survey work in which 40,000 podcast listeners are interviewed in detail. Click for the graphic result. Continue Reading

Gen Z: Voracious and experienced podcast listeners, friendly to ads. (Edison Research / SXM Media)

Edison Research interviews 1,003 Gen Z respondents (13-24) in the U.S. to field the Gen Z Podcast Report 2023. The effort is sponsored by SXM Media, and we covered the teaser report from SXM a couple of weeks ago (here). Now, Edison releases the full detail — 45 pages of Z-specific metrics around podcast listening, discovery, acceptance of advertising, and more. Continue Reading