33% of Americans own a smart speaker: Edison/Triton Infinite Dial teaser

The annual webinar release of The Infinite Dial, the annual consumer survey project by Edison Research and Triton Digital, is scheduled for Thursday. The two companies are teasing the event by releasing one result of interest: Thirty-three percent of Americans own a smart speaker. That is a 22% increase from last year’s Infinite Dial, and represents an estimated 94-million people. There is a Covid element to this. Click through for more info and webinar registration. Continue Reading


30% of all American audio listening happens via mobile; on track to surpass radio receivers

Listening on a mobile device now accounts for 30% of all time spent listening to audio by those age 13+ in the U.S., an increase of 67% since 2014 — that from Edison Research, which has released a few munchable data snacks from its Share of Ear research. Click through for more highlights, including AM/FM analysis and age breakdowns. Continue Reading


Edison Research releases Top 50 U.S. Podcasts for 2020, Joe Rogan to Fake Doctors

Yes, another ranker. But the Edison Research Top 50 is distinguished by its underpinning of in-the-field survey work, part of the company’s Podcast Consumer Tracking Report. Over 10,000 podcast listeners were queried about their show preferences “continuously throughout 2020.” This means that, unlike server-side measurement by online tech companies, no podcast on earth is excluded. Click for details and the entire list. Continue Reading


Podcast listeners are young, avid, and growing their listening (Westwood One)

Westwood One has released the latest in its Audioscape series, posted by Brittany Faison to the Westwood One blog. The data are taken from Edison Research, and the focus of this release is squarely on podcasting. For years, Westwood One has been the most forthcoming distributor of metrics from Edison’s proprietary subscription product, Share of Ear, and that’s where this info comes from. Click through for key points and graphics. Continue Reading


TikTok releases first-ever music report, indicating a powerful music discovery role

Over 176 different songs surpassed 1 billion video views on micro-video platform TikTok. That from the company’s first annual music report. Over 70 artists have broken on the platform, and landed major label deals. While major surveys put YouTube as a leading music discovery environment, TikTok seems determined to build recognition for its role in finding and sharing songs. Continue Reading


Steve Goldstein: Previously Audio was on Nobody’s Radar – In 2020 it was on Everyone’s Radar

by Steve Goldstein
In this year-in-review guest column, Steve Goldstein ruminates on audio’s growth from outdated also-ran in the media universe, to an essential component of the media mix. And the audio story is more than just Spotify and SiriusXM. Continue Reading