Edison Research bookends the demographic range with new studies of Gen-Z and Boomers

Edison Research, the preeminent consumer survey organization for measuring audio consumption, is announcing two upcoming podcast studies that explore young (Gen Z) and senior (Boomer) listeners. Edison calls them “two major podcast thought leadership studies,” and says they will be released in Q1. Continue Reading

“Voice tech is everywhere” and other findings from Edison/NPR Smart Audio Report

Edison Research and NPR have released the 2022 Smart Audio Report, an annual survey study measuring the growth, impact, and user behaviors of conversational AI audio. This field is generally summarized as “smart speakers,” but the Edison/NPR work includes digital assistants built into phones, TVs, tablets, cars, and appliances. Continue Reading

SXM Media heads Top Podcast Networks list from Edison

In the most recent report from the newly renamed Edison Podcast Metrics division of Edison Research, we learn of the top 30 U.S. podcast networks, by reach, according to Edison’s survey-based tabulation. Edison Podcast Metrics is the only podcast measurement service that measures the relative audience size and demographics of all podcast networks in the U.S. As a result, this list is exceptionally interesting to peruse. (SXM Media is #1. PodcastOne is #15. Click for the rest.) Continue Reading

Over five years: Terrestrial radio -13%, podcasting +266% (Cumulus/Edison)

Cumulus Media / Westwood One has released its 2022 Audioscape bundle of research metrics under the banner of its Audio Active Group brand led by Chief Insights Office Pierre Bouvard. It’s a big book of data; today, we look at the growth of podcast listening share compared to terrestrial radio. Continue Reading

SXM Media #1 in Edison’s Top Podcast Networks list

Preeminent consumer research company in audio, Edison Research, released a Top Podcast Networks by Audience Reach list. SXM Media takes the #1 spot. This list differs from some other network rankers, because it gets its findings from consumer surveys of active podcast listeners, not from technology measurement of the measuring company’s clients. Continue Reading

Podcast “Super Listeners” soak up 11.2 hours/week, via YouTube & Spotify more than Apple

Super Listeners 2021, a consumer research study by Edison Research with support from Houston-based Ad Results Media, was released in a webinar yesterday co-hosted by Edison SVP Tom Webster and Ad Results Media CEO Marshall Williams. Fascinating results ensued. Click through for details, graphics, and a download link. Continue Reading

UK beats US in online audio listening; loves Spotify and podcasts

United Kingdom residents beat the U.S. when it comes to consuming online audio, and especially enjoys Spotify. Those are two of the many comparative analytics revealed today by Edison Research in the company’s presentation of the first instance of its Infinite Dial consumer survey brand focused on the British Isles,  Infinite Dial UK 2021. Click through for bunches of metrics, graphics, and a link to the entire study. Continue Reading

New Car Buyers Survey (Edison) details mixed numbers for American radio

Edison Research has released a new study: 2021 Car Buyers Survey. ONe key learning is that 90% of car buyers expect broadcast radio to be standard in-car equipment. As we thumb through the slides, we note some comparative metrics that position American consumers as more detached from in-car listening to AM/FM than in other countries. Click through for details and graphics. Continue Reading