Spoken Word Audio Report 2020: Share jumps; 43% listen daily

The Spoken Word Audio Report 2020, produced by Edison Research and NPR, is out. One broad and important finding: 75% of the U.S. population (18+) listens to spoken word audio monthly. Daily, it is 43%. AM/FM is paying the price for increased listening to other platforms of spoken word audio; the trend is clear from 2014 to 2020. Click through for much more, and graphics, and a link to the download. Continue Reading


How radio listeners map to digital audio options: New from Edison Research

The benchmark study of American listening preferences, The Infinite Dial produced by Edison Research and Triton Digital, collects more information than is annually publicized every March. Thanks to an Edison release and webinar (yesterday) titled Radio Listener Profiles, we know that this year’s data include an understanding of how radio’s best listeners (so-called P1 listeners) map to social media, in-home technology, traditional AM/FM listening, and much more. Click through for a ton of detail, graphics, and download links. Continue Reading


Edison Research webinar: Podcast listening grows and shifts

In a zoom webinar yesterday, Edison Research Senior Vice President Tom Webster laid out some metrics about podcast listening before and during the covid-19 era. The session was part of a lunchtime series from Edison. Deploying recent research from the company’s Podcast Consumer Tracking Report and the ongoing Share of Ear consumer survey project, Webster described some changes in American podcast listening. The underlying premise why that the disruption of routines, especially the widespread loss of morning commuting in cars, has made significant changes in how much, and when, Americans listen to podcasts. Click through for more. Continue Reading


Edison Research COVID listening webinar set for Thursday

Edison Research is set to deliver a short webinar as part of a lunchtime series, this one titled Listening Habits During Quarantine: A Share of Ear® Report. “Share of Ear” is an ongoing subscription survey project which measures time spent in all kinds of audio among Americans. Edison SVP Tom Webster will present the brisk, 15-minute report. Click through for the registration link. Continue Reading


Threshold crossed: Over 50% of American teen/adult listening was on digital devices

“It was almost inevitable,” says Ediron Research Director of Research Laura Ivey. “We will have to wait to see if the numbers revert more closely to what they were before the disruptions.” Ivey is talking about the shares of listening on digital devices and traditional linear devices. In Q2, according to the ongoing Share of Ear study conducted by Edison, digital devices claimed 53% of listening among Americans 13 years old and up. Click through for details and definitions. Continue Reading


Time shift: Americans start listening later during WFH (Edison Research)

Edison Research put out a fact blast from its subscription Share of Ear study, an ongoing quarterly examination of what Americans listen to. From the Q2 study of mid-May surveys, the company found that Americans (13+) have shifted their morning audio routines. Before COVID-19, 50% of the population started listening to any kind of audio by 7:15am. Since COVID-19, that audio start time for 50% of the population is 8:30. What does this imply for the future? Continue Reading


U.S. Latinos a key component of podcast listening: First-ever study from Edison Research

In its first Latino Podcast Listener Report, Edison Research revealed a raft of statistics about a key American listening segment. Twenty-five percent of U.S. Latinos are monthly podcast listeners. Perhaps more important, 20% are weekly listeners, nearly matching the percentage of the total U.S. (13+) population. Continue Reading


Radio reaches 10% stream listening during COVID

Edison Research sent out a note from its Share of Ear subscription study, to mark a milestone for broadcast radio. In a May update, Edison found that 105 of radio listening in the U.S. was streamed, against 90% from an over-the-air receiver. The finding implies shifted listening from in-car (where radios are ubiquitous) to in-home (where radio receivers are disappearing). Continue Reading


Podcasts & Speakers reach all-time high share of ear (Edison)

Edison Research sent an advisory release comprising a piece of that company’s subscription Share of Ear project, an ongoing study of what Americans choose to listen to, and in what measure. In-home listening during COVID-19 is sharply up, predictably. Also, podcasting and smart-speaker listening gained by double-digit share in listening. Continue Reading