Spotify Ad Studio adds streaming conversion metrics for ad campaign analysis

The Spotify Ad Studio is getting more analytics. The latest feature for this dashboard is a set of streaming conversion metrics designed to show how listeners responded to advertising campaigns. It can track how listeners reacted to hearing an ad, allowing labels and managers to see how many people investigated an artist’s catalog after hearing a promotion. Continue Reading


Instreamatic reaches agreement with Pandora to test smart voice interaction with audio ads

Ad tech platform Instreamatic.ai is announcing today its agreement with Pandora to test interactive voice audio ads that are smartened up with artificial intelligence. This platform seems to promise the conversational relationship people have with smart speakers and mobile voice assistants, applied to the consumer-advertiser relationship. Continue Reading


Voxnest launches Voxnest Audience Network advertising marketplace

Voxnest announced the launch of a new digital audio ad marketplace to help brands and advertisers secure spots on podcasts. The Voxnest Audience Network is an international marketplace for in-audio advertising inventory that will allow buyers to reach targeted audiences with buys of content bundles curated by proprietary data. Continue Reading