Podcast advertising: double-digit more effective than TV/video (Acast/OMD)

Podcast network Acast, and communications agency OMD, have partnered to conduct what they characterize as “a comprehensive new study” to quantify the effectiveness of podcast advertising. Double-digit percentage gains are the outcome for podcast advertising compared to what the report calls “average media.” Continue Reading


Streaming audio up, AM/FM down in new 2024 local advertising forecast from Borrell

Local media analytics company Borrell Associates has released a new forecast of local media advertising. This report is a follow-up to an initial forecast released in November and is, in the company’s words, “triggered by new information from Borrell’s principal sources.” We learn that streaming audio is a high achiever in local advertising expenditures. Click for lots of detail, revealing graphs, and the source link. Continue Reading

Simplecast and AdsWizz get tighter in launch of the SimpleCast Professional Tier

Top-tier podcast ad company AdsWizz is announcing that hosting platform Simplecast is now “officially part of the AdsWizz family.” That’s acquisition language, but both companies are acquired subsidiaries of audio giant SiriusXM, so this appears to be an internal tie-up of the two technologies. Click for more. Continue Reading

Audacy Sports launches today, solving a “clunky” problem and better serving advertisers

Audio giant Audacy is announcing Audacy Sports, carving out a new umbrella brand which consolidates and represents the company’s considerable sports offerings. It launches today, coinciding with the start of the NFL Draft. The new configuration is built for advertisers, better showcasing Audacy’s range of ad opportunities. Click for more details. Continue Reading


Spotify exits the IAB; podcasting particularly affected; a signal of extraordinay self-sufficiency

In what is seemingly a statement of global self-sufficiency, Spotify is no longer represented on the IAB’s list of compliant podcast companies. The movement feels momentous in its abruptness, absence of presage, widespread reaction, and inherent implication. Click for details. Continue Reading