Borrell: 2022 double-digit ad growth for streaming audio; reduction forecast for radio

To promote an upcoming webinar next Tuesday, October 12, Borrell Associates has released projections of advertising recovery across 17 media categories. In it, radio is projected to experience negative growth, while streaming audio is predicted to grow ad revenue positively. Click for an explanatory graphic. Continue Reading


An investment gap: Brand advertising misses the mark — audio.

A newly released study from marketing/strategy firm WARC tells a story of missed opportunity on the buy side, and missing revenue on the sell side of audio. While 31% of the average consumer’s media consumption is now audio, only 8.8% of the average media budget is allocated to audio, and 25% of advertisers do not invest in audio at all. The research identifies audio buyer types, and evangelizes the values of audio marketing. Continue Reading


Fall Podcast Upfront Day 1: A range of presentation styles from podcast networks

The first day of the two-day fall IAB Podcast Upfront occurred today, in a packed four-hour series of 10 presentations. The event, formerly annual and now a twice-a-year, spring-fall occurrence, showcases podcast networks to audio advertising buyers. Click for detailed coverage. Continue Reading


Head gestures: A soon-to-be interactive audio ad format?

If reaching for the screen is too much for advertisers to ask of streaming audio listeners, voice-response ad technology is available. If saying “yes” or “no” is a bridge too far, how about ads which respond to a nod or headshake? That’s the premise of Head Nod Detection, a new piece of ad tech from podcast analytics company Backtracks. Continue Reading