Podcast listeners are high-income, high-education, and respond to Pharma/Health ads (Podsights Benchmark Report)

Podcast attribution company Podsights has released the latest in its quarterly Benchmark series — titled for Q2 2021. There is new element not in previous reports: Demographic info resulting from a partnership with Experian, the consumer data company. Click through for details, data, graphs, and a link to the report. Continue Reading


By one reckoning, podcasting gives $400M “intrinsic added value” to advertisers

Podcast advertising is famously looser than radio and TV advertising. When delivered via a host riff, it is more informal and improvisatory … and longer, giving added value to advertisers. Audioboom’s EVP Thomas Mancusi worked with Magellan AI to calculate a dollar value of podcasting’s generosity to advertisers. Continue Reading


NPM President/CEO Gina Garrubbo elected as Chair of IAB Board

Gina Garrubbo, President/CEO of National Public Media, and RAIN Summit speaker, has been elected as Board Chair at the IAB. She has served as the IAB Board’s Vice Chair since August 2020 and as the Co-Chair of the IAB Audio Committee since 2017. Garrubbo’s placement atop the Board puts an eminent audio executive in the top seat of the trade group which represents digital advertising across all media categories. Continue Reading


Wondering about CPMs for programmatic podcast advertising? Triton Digital reports a range.

Two questions about digital audio programmatic advertising were addressed in Triton Digital’s presentation at the RAIN Podcast Business Summit yesterday: 1. Is programmatic advertising a “race to the bottom” in ad revenue? 2. What are actual CPM rates in podcasting? Triton SVP Stephanie Donovan answered both with a view of average CPM rates for podcast programmatic advertising. Continue Reading