Smart speaker market grows double digits YoY; Apple gains; Amazon leads

The global smart speaker market is surging to record levels, according to research firm Strategy Analytics, which frames its recent report as a “market recovery.” The data are from Q2 of this year, compared to Q2 2020, and represent the highest-ever Q2 growth. Click for an illustrative table which tells the whole story. Continue Reading


Early-stage startup Marbyl promises “inside-out” podcast discovery via AI

Marbyl, a nascent podcast discovery solution created by audio startup Tree Goat Media, seeks to solve a particular problem: Topics people want are buried inside of long listening experiences. The AI-powered app promises to surface and socialize topics within podcast conversations, broadening audiences and facilitating surprising new discoveries. Click through for much more about how it works, illustrations, and how the founders plan to monetize. Continue Reading


Head gestures: A soon-to-be interactive audio ad format?

If reaching for the screen is too much for advertisers to ask of streaming audio listeners, voice-response ad technology is available. If saying “yes” or “no” is a bridge too far, how about ads which respond to a nod or headshake? That’s the premise of Head Nod Detection, a new piece of ad tech from podcast analytics company Backtracks. Continue Reading


Audioburst intros “Finder,” a podcast player and widget that searches within shows

Audio search and discovery platform Audioburst has introduced a podcast player called Finder, which offers search and discovery of keywords and topics within a podcast episode. We test it and are impressed. The company says it’s “one step closer to solving the challenge of audio discovery.” Click for details and a screenshot. Continue Reading


Omny Studio intros Shared Listeners tool for network clients

Podcast hosting platform Omny Studio, a unit of iHeartMedia’s Triton Digital subsidiary, has introduced an interesting tool for its network clients which host multiple shows. Called Shared Listeners, the new feature allows publishers to determine how many listeners are unique to a particular show and/or shared across other programs in their network. It adds up to better promo decisions. Click for details and a screenshot. Continue Reading


After delay, Apple Podcasts Subscriptions launches today

After a delay to fix widely reported bugs, Apple announces today a firm launch of Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, a platform for creators and networks to offer paid listening plans. In most cases, those plans will offer listeners and ad-free experience, and/or unique content not given to non-paying followers. (What will this do to the ongoing confusion of the word “Subscribe” in free podcasts?) Continue Reading