From CES, iHeartMedia unleashes slew of new in-car apps and partnerships

iHeartMedia is having a busy CES, and released a swarm of information about new apps and integrations into specific car models and controlling vehicle operating systems. Of interest is not only iHeart’s voracious appetite for partnerships and reach, but also the variety and diversity of platform players competing for real estate in car dashboards and the systems. Continue Reading


Instreamatic announces “Continuous Voice Dialogue Marketing”

Ad-tech company Instreamatic, which specializes in responsive audio advertising, is announcing a new product release called Continuous Voice Dialogue Marketing. As the name implies, this tech layer enables some degree of back-and-forth between listener and advertiser, and the resulting customization can follow the user across platforms. A case study appeared in Adweek. Continue Reading


ART19/Veritonic study targets (and hypertargets) podcast audiences

Podcast technology company ART19 sent out a notice today describing results of a podcast audience ad targeting study, conducted by audio intelligence company Veritonic. the purpose was to test effectiveness, as defined by recall, relevancy, and intent/likelihood to purchase. The upshot is that targeting did increase recall and effectiveness, and the lift increased with more precise targeting.  Continue Reading


Stas Tushinskiy: Inside the AI Challenge of Making Interactive Voice Ads Actually Viable

by Stas Tushinskiy

This guest column by Stas Tushinskiy, Instreamatic CEO and co-founder, offers insights on the challenges of interactive voice ads. One is the rather obvious hurdle of making tech understand natural language that’s opaque and unclear. The other might involve some cursing. Continue Reading