Simplecast and AdsWizz get tighter in launch of the SimpleCast Professional Tier

Top-tier podcast ad company AdsWizz is announcing that hosting platform Simplecast is now “officially part of the AdsWizz family.” That’s acquisition language, but both companies are acquired subsidiaries of audio giant SiriusXM, so this appears to be an internal tie-up of the two technologies.¬†Click for more. Continue Reading

SiriusXM company AdsWizz intros “Mood Targeting” for streaming music advertisers

Adtech company AdsWizz has introduced a new targeting technology for marketers who advertise in streaming music environments. Called Mood Targeting, “The new product seeks to match the mood or content of an ad, to the mood of the listener’s song or playlist.” Targeting music mood was a Pandora breakthrough years ago, and Pandora originally acquired AdsWizz (both are subsidiaries of SiriusXM). Click for details. Continue Reading

Triton Digital announces integration with Amazon Publisher Service; expansion for both services

Triton Digital is taking advantage of this week’s CES electronics trade show to announce the integration of its advertising marketplace with Amazon Publisher Services (APS). The union expands Triton’s audio ad inventory to existing APS publishers, and extends Amazon’s “interactive audio ads” to the Triton Digital advertising network. Continue Reading

Magellan AI partners with Sounder for post-campaign measurement and verifications in podcast advertising

AI-powered audio intelligence platform Sounder is partnering with podcast intelligence company Magellan AI to provide advertisers with a holistic solution for comprehensive post-campaign measurement and verification. The deal shapes up with Magellan providing campaign performance insights, and Sounder ensuring brand-safe environments. Continue Reading

Podchaser launches new tech for evaluating podcast ad campaigns

For direct response podcast advertisers, “reach doesn’t necessarily equal conversions.” That’s the rationale for a new Podchaser feature called Performance+, voiced by CEO Bradley Davis. The new addition to Podchaser’s tech offerings promises to deliver the strongest results against a client’s advertising objectives. Continue Reading

Acast partners with Comscore division Proximic, anticipating third-party cookie deprecation

We have heard of a coming elimination of third-party cookies for years. The threat remains top-of-mind for many media segments, and global podcast company Acast now announces a cookie-free targeting solution for advertisers. The new capability is called Predictive Audiences, and it’s made possible by an alliance with Comscore technology. Continue Reading

Acast expands self-serve features with advertiser/podcaster campaign planning

Global podcast company Acast, which lately seems intent to remove all middle-layer interference in the advertiser/podcast planning relationship, has brought those two parties closer with an expansion of the company’s self-serve platform. A new collaboration feature saves time in the planning and booking stages, and also make it easier to distribute a marketing budget across multiple podcasts. Continue Reading

One-billion: Audioboom’s inventory expansion and the AdRip tool

Audioboom makes a news splash today with the announcement that its global podcast network has achieved an advertising inventory of one billion opportunities for advertisers. A technology feature called AdRip, launched over two years ago, is a key enabler of this new metrics. We get to the bottom of how it affects impressions and inventory. Continue Reading

Acast partners with Podscribe, rejecting Spotify attribution solutions — (with Spotify response)

Acast has selected Podscribe as its “preferred attribution partner” in all markets. It’s a meaningful and sweeping endorsement of Podscribe’s performance analytics in podcast advertising. The other half of that handshake appears to be a back-of-hand reference to Spotify’s Ad Analytics tool which launched just two months ago. Continue Reading