“What was that promo code again?” Spotify testing a universal answer

Spotify, the global audio listening platform which is grabbing chunks of the podcast industry through acquisition, is also applying its customary tech chops to improving advertising effectiveness … while making life a little bit smoother for discount-minded consumers. The prospective feature is called “In-App Offers,” and is basically a link on a podcast’s show page which leads to an advertiser’s discounted offering. Tap through for details. Continue Reading


Acast Open podcasts now can enter Acast Marketplace for dynamic ad insertions

Acast Open, which launched last fall after the Pippa acquisition, and which allows any podcast to host a show on Acast, can now (as of today) participate in the Acast Marketplace. Acast Open podcasters must apply to enter the monetization service. Dynamic ad insertion is used to deliver targeted messages in shows throughout a podcast’s entire catalog. Continue Reading


Omny Studio starts secure sharing of analytics, enabling greater publisher transparency

Podcasting tech company and enterprise hosting platform Omny Studio has announced, through its Triton Digital parent, a new feature called Secure Sharing. It enables podcast owners on the platform to allow outsiders into its podcast analytics suite.  This is quite interesting, and affects how publishers can pitch to advertisers, and verify to them. Continue Reading


Nielsen launches Gracenote Audio On Demand for intelligent podcast search

Nielson is announcing a new vertical for its Gracenote division: Gracenote Audio On Demand. The company describes this as a comprehensive dataset which is “the catalog of reference driving podcast services with the ability to enhance navigation and discovery capabilities.” In other words, Gracenote is doing for podcasting what it has historically done for music — catalog the entire medium with metadata. In this case the dataset identifies and locates podcasts according to topics, personalities, and other criteria. Continue Reading


AdsWizz adds Dynamic Creative Optimization to its digital audio ad platforms

Tech company AdsWizz is announcing a new layer to its AudioMatic and AudioServe digital audio advertising platforms. Called Dynamic Creative Optimization, it allows advertisers to use targeting data to generate over 10-million (that’s not a typo; ten million) ad creative variations which personalize advertising to listeners. Click for details. Continue Reading