Wondering about CPMs for programmatic podcast advertising? Triton Digital reports a range.

Two questions about digital audio programmatic advertising were addressed in Triton Digital’s presentation at the RAIN Podcast Business Summit yesterday: 1. Is programmatic advertising a “race to the bottom” in ad revenue? 2. What are actual CPM rates in podcasting? Triton SVP Stephanie Donovan answered both with a view of average CPM rates for podcast programmatic advertising. Continue Reading


Triton Digital streaming audio measurement certified by ACPM

Triton Digital is announcing that its measurement of French-language digital audio streams has been certified by the France-based Alliance for Press and Media Figures (ACPM) association, whose mission is to provide industry-standard measures to certify the audiences of any media that seeks to attract advertisers, including digital radio, websites, applications, podcasts.  Continue Reading


Spotify’s new ad network promising “a new era for podcast advertising.”

Marketing it as a “first-of-its-kind audio advertising marketplace,” Spotify announced the Spotify Audience Network as part of its wide-ranging “Stream On” presentation. The promotional emphasis is on podcast advertising, but the marketplace itself includes music streamed to an audience of about 155-million listeners in Spotify Free. At the foundation of this initiative is the company’s Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI) tech. Continue Reading


iHeartRadio introduces 3D / binaural audio for podcast production

iHeartRadio is announcing the launch of iHeart 3D Audio, using binaural recording and production techniques. The company will debut a new slate of podcasts in this new category of experiential media — Aaron Mahnke will be involved in that effort. Bonus episodes of The Ron Burgundy Podcast will also be created in 3D mode. Click through for a link to a demo reel. Continue Reading


As Clubhouse takes off, Mark Cuban readies Fireside, a live audio sort-of-podcast app

The buzz and activity surrounding Clubhouse, a new audio social app for chatting and meetings, indicate an appetite for social audio experiences. Reports are swirling about a looming, well-funded competitor called Fireside, reportedly co-founded by Mark Cuban. Click through for what we know now, and perspective on a growing category. Continue Reading


Acast grows programmatic sales revenue 215% in 2020, expects 10% of revenue in 2021

Acast is sending around a brag-worthy announcement that its programmatic ad sales for podcasting grew 215% last year. This disclosure might be viewed as validation of programmatic in an industry where ad revenue has historically been based on bespoke performances of commercials by hosts while recording the show. The company projects 10% of 2021 revenue will derive from programmatic.
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