Spotify intros new Ad Analytics program, promising attribution, conversion, and brand lift metrics

In a vigorous and comprehensive product launch, Spotify today introduces Spotify Ad Analytics, a set of advertiser tools and solutions across podcast and music advertising. The new pixel-based technologies announced today grew from the company’s acquisition of then-indie attribution company Podsights over a year ago. Click for details and analysis of this important evolution in Spotify’s ad business. Continue Reading

Spotify’s Chartable starts sunset of advertiser tools to focus on podcast publishers, Megaphone

When Spotify acquired Chartable and Podsights last month, it was clearly stated that Chartable would be integrated with Spotify-owned hosting and monetization platform Megaphone. Today we learn of progress in that integration. Chartable is winding down its attribution work and throwing it over to former competitor Podsights. Continue Reading

Chartable’s new Sales Sheets profile a podcast’s audience for ad buyers

Chartable has released a new product called Sales Sheets, which are infographic profiles of a shows’ audience, based on Chartable’s datasets. The sheets explain each podcast according to metrics of value to advertising and podcast ad agency buyers — these metrics include size of audience, demographics, listening persistence, and more. Click through for an example link of The Jordan Harbinger Show. Continue Reading

Chartable finds downloads down as coronavirus spreads, but listens saw an even bigger drop

Chartable released an assessment of podcast listening, adding a new layer to the picture of how the world is consuming media during a pandemic. It combined data about downloads with its listening statistics from publishers from Apple Podcasts Connect and Spotify for Podcasters. It examined a subset of about 6,000 podcasts and compared their March results with a baseline of those from the second half of February, when there were just over a dozen confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. Continue Reading