Spotify intros new Ad Analytics program, promising attribution, conversion, and brand lift metrics

In a vigorous and comprehensive product launch, Spotify today introduces Spotify Ad Analytics, a set of advertiser tools and solutions across podcast and music advertising. The new pixel-based technologies announced today grew from the company’s acquisition of then-indie attribution company Podsights over a year ago. Click for details and analysis of this important evolution in Spotify’s ad business. Continue Reading

Spotify’s Chartable starts sunset of advertiser tools to focus on podcast publishers, Megaphone

When Spotify acquired Chartable and Podsights last month, it was clearly stated that Chartable would be integrated with Spotify-owned hosting and monetization platform Megaphone. Today we learn of progress in that integration. Chartable is winding down its attribution work and throwing it over to former competitor Podsights. Continue Reading

Podcast listeners are high-income, high-education, and respond to Pharma/Health ads (Podsights Benchmark Report)

Podcast attribution company Podsights has released the latest in its quarterly Benchmark series — titled for Q2 2021. There is new element not in previous reports: Demographic info resulting from a partnership with Experian, the consumer data company. Click through for details, data, graphs, and a link to the report. Continue Reading

Podsights measures CPMs, conversion rates, and brand lift in latest Benchmark Report

Podsights released an update to its Podsights Benchmark Report series, this one analyzing data collected in Q1 through Q4 of 2020. During that span the report collected 2.5-billion impressions across 1,274 campaigns bought by 421 brands at a total cost of $65-million. Click through for details, graphs, and a link to freely download this dense and informative report. Continue Reading

More is better, plus key knowledge points from Podsights Conversion Benchmarks report

Podcast attribution company Podsights has released a Conversion Benchmarks report (download HERE) that shines lights onto key factors in a successful podcast advertising campaign. In addition, a hefty appendix section illuminates parts of the anatomy of the podcast ad business. Click through for tons of detail, graphics, and a download link. Continue Reading