Advertiser intention toward podcasting reaches tipping point (Westwood One)

How do advertisers regard podcasting as a potential marketing medium? Where are they in that thinking, from discussion to action? Those are the questions addressed in the latest Cumulus Media / Westwood One research — Advertiser Perceptions: The state of podcast advertising, a nine-year tracking study. Click for results, graphs, key points, and a download link. Continue Reading

Over five years: Terrestrial radio -13%, podcasting +266% (Cumulus/Edison)

Cumulus Media / Westwood One has released its 2022 Audioscape bundle of research metrics under the banner of its Audio Active Group brand led by Chief Insights Office Pierre Bouvard. It’s a big book of data; today, we look at the growth of podcast listening share compared to terrestrial radio. Continue Reading

Cumulus announces Audio Active Group; renames Westwood One blog

Cumulus Media has announced the creation of the Audio Active Group. In the company’s words, it is a “full-service advisory to offer comprehensive insights, media planning, creative, and measurement services for audio advertisers.” The well-known Westwood One blog, edited by Pierre Bouvard, has been renamed. Click for details. Continue Reading

Podcast listeners over-index in categories important to advertisers (Westwood One)

U.S. Podcast listeners exceed national medians in several categories which advertisers value, such as employment, income, and education. These just-released numbers come from Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard on the Westwood One blog. “The podcast audience profile is exceptionally attractive,” Bouvard writes. Continue Reading

Within ad-supported audio, podcasting has greater “share of ear” than Spotify/Pandora (Edison)

Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights officer at Westwood One, is back at it in the company blog, divulging results of the subscription Share of Ear consumer survey conducted by Edison Research. One of Bouvard’s key points in this latest blog post is the time-spent leadership of podcasting over ad-supported Spotify Free and Pandora. Click through for that infograph, and more. Continue Reading

24% of Cumulus radio streams are on smart speakers; and interesting ad campaign results

“Smart speaker ownership soars and brings AM/FM back into the home,” writes Pierre Bouvard in a new Westwood One blog post. A key statistic from the parent company backs this up: 24% of stream listening to Cumulus radio stations happens on smart speakers.¬†Cumulus booked an interesting smart speaker preroll campaign with a consortium of Ford dealerships. Click through for more context, a chart, and link to more. Continue Reading