Fewer words; better results. Quantifying the “Creative Standout” metric in audio advertising.

A new metric which gauges preeminence in audio advertising spotlights word density as an essential creative consideration. It’s called the Creative Standout score.

According to Pierre Bouvard (Chief Insights Officer, Cumulus Media/ Westwood One), “The lower the audio word count per minute, the greater the brand standout, which in turn increases campaign web response.”

UK media analysis company Coulourtext took this premise to the next level by analyzing over 10,000 campaigns between 2019 and 2021. UK audio distribution firm Audiotrack transcribed about 70% of the ads.

The Creative Standout score is a function of word density, expressed as words per minute. The graphic below illustrates it nicely, keeping in mind that the ascending line runs from higher word density to lower density.

The next step in the rationale of this study is quantifying the campaign effect of a good Creative Standout campaign. The chart below is based on respondents who said they visited an advertiser’s website:

How many words per minute make low density or high density? This study sets boundaries at 147 o;n the low end, 195 on the high end, and 171 as a “medium words per minute” metric.

There is much more to this study with detailed data charts, recommendations, and campaign anecdotes from marketing executives. Go to the Westwood One Blog for more.

Brad Hill