NY Times “The Daily” crosses one-billion downloads; notches 2M per day

The New York Times issued a milestone brag today: Its flagship podcast, The Daily, has surpassed one-billion total downloads. “That’s billion with a b,” the company clarifies. In an exercise of imagination, arithmetic, and fudging the unknowns, we are led to imagine what “The Daily” is worth to the Times. Continue Reading


Ximalay’s eye-popping subscriber number; Himalaya funding announcement under question

The Chinese podcast app Ximalaya, and the Himalaya offshoot app which mounted a presence at Podcast Movement last month, are both in the news recently. Ximalaya has stated that the app has “about 500-million users,” according to this report in Abacus News. Himalaya, which can be regarded as an English-language spin-off of Ximalaya, overstated its launch funding, according to reporting in Axios. Continue Reading


Triton Webcast Metrics for April: Stream listening rises month-over-month

Stream listening gained about 4% month-over-month in April, according to the Triton Digital Webcast Metrics Top 20 Ranker. As always, RAIN views the information through the lens of 6am – midnight, Monday through Sunday. The key metric is Average Active Sessions (AAS), which measures the average number of simultaneous listeners. Continue Reading


Zeno Media launches Zeno.FM for international radio streaming

Zeno MediZeno Media is announcing today the launch of Zeno.FM, an online directory of streaming radio stations around the world. Zeno specializes in providing local-radio listening to diaspora communities that cannot access broadcast signals from their native homes. Visitors to Zeno.FM can quickly scan stations from Jamaica, Brazil, Mali, Ghana, Haiti, South Africa, India, Senegal, Mexico, Nigeria, and other far-flung territories. Continue Reading