Entercom’s “fundamental transformation,” podcasting, film, and company definition

In Entercom’s Q2 earnings call on August 7, CEO David Field held forth with a considerable portion of his opening remarks focused on digital audio and cross-category business in the U.S.’s second-largest commercial radio group. In fact, “radio” is subsumed in Field’s broad definition of Entercom: “Entercom is now a scaled media and entertainment company.” Continue Reading


Pandora launches two new “Thumbs” playlists, one of them for SiriusXM broadcast

In an example of SiriusXM’s cross-platform strategies, the satellite company will broadcast one of Pandora’s new weekly “Thumb” playlists. Alongside that announcement Pandora is also pushing a top-100 playlist to be refreshed each week. A “Thumb” playlist is informed by Pandora users’ thumb-up actions on individual tracks. The company takes the entire thumb-up database across all listeners during the week, and makes a top-100 list out of it. Using the same method, a top-20 list is also manufactured and is broadcast on the Pandora Now channel on siriusXM. Continue Reading


Michael Robertson: Is the Spotify Deal With Joe Rogan Illegal?

by Michael Robertson

This guest contribution by iconic digital audio entrepreneur Michael Robertson digs into the U.S. copyright code and finds a statute which might relate to, and potentially invalidate, Spotify’s exclusive distribution deal with Joe Rogan. Continue Reading


BBC rebrands its production division and launches a podcast unit

The British public broadcaster has rebranded its production division, formerly BBC Radio & Music Production, which relaunched today as BBC Audio. This is part of a widespread de-platforming of radio and broader reconceptualization as audio. Four people staff the new unit, headed by Clare McGinn, previously Head of Production for BBC Radio 4 in Bristol. McGinn is a career BBC’er. Continue Reading


James Cridland’s International Radio Trends: iHeart’s podcast campaign; Iain Lee’s contract; Edison’s research

by James Cridland

A weekly column from the preeminent Radio Futurologist. THIS WEEK: How the BBC produced during coronavirus. How is Beats 1 doing? Ten best music radio stations. Radio recovery. Podcast promoter chat. And much more! Continue Reading


Radio reaches 10% stream listening during COVID

Edison Research sent out a note from its Share of Ear subscription study, to mark a milestone for broadcast radio. In a May update, Edison found that 105 of radio listening in the U.S. was streamed, against 90% from an over-the-air receiver. The finding implies shifted listening from in-car (where radios are ubiquitous) to in-home (where radio receivers are disappearing). Continue Reading


Opportunities and challenges for radio (MIDiA Research)

In an encompassing and deeply researched report, UK-based MIDiA Research has produced a manifesto for broadcast radio, laying out challenges and opportunities for the future. Titled Radio is Switched On Again: Strategies for 2020 and Beyond, the densely-packed 24-page document is for subscribers only, but MIDiA kindly sent a copy to RAIN News for review. Continue Reading