Opportunities and challenges for radio (MIDiA Research)

In an encompassing and deeply researched report, UK-based MIDiA Research has produced a manifesto for broadcast radio, laying out challenges and opportunities for the future. Titled Radio is Switched On Again: Strategies for 2020 and Beyond, the densely-packed 24-page document is for subscribers only, but MIDiA kindly sent a copy to RAIN News for review. Continue Reading


Cumulus Media: Emphasis on digital growth and redefinition as “audio-first media company”

In the Q1 earnings report from Cumulus Media, digital and podcasting took starring roles even as Covid-19 damaged quarterly results for the company as a whole. The Westwood One Podcast Network is part of Cumulus. CEO Mary Berner defines the business as “audio-first media company.” Digital is driving growth. Podcasts are soaring. Continue Reading


iHeartMedia earnings: Listening up, advertising down, digital everything is the way forward

In iHeartMedia’s Q1 earnings call, Chairmand and CEO Bob Pittman laid out his company’s revenue trendlines, a review of strategic decisions, and his views of a hopeful future. In simple coronavirus strokes: Listening is up, advertising is down, and digital initiatives are providing the best result and will propel future recovery. Continue Reading


James Cridland’s International Radio Trends: Radio – holding up well?

by James Cridland

A weekly column from the preeminent Radio Futurologist. THIS WEEK: James compiles the latest coronavirus-impacted listening figures from audio operations around the world, including national radio services, community broadcasters, and podcast companies. Continue Reading


Podcast Radio adds Alan Alda’s “Clear + Vivid” podcast

Podcast Radio, the london DAB+ station which plays a 24-hour schedule of podcasts, is announcing today that Alan Alda’s Clear + Vivid, an interview show hosted by the actor, is joining the stations lineup. Some of Alda’s conversations feature Julie Andrew, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, Paul McCartney, Betty White, Tom Hanks, Stephen Fry, Madeleine Albright, Conan O’Brien, and Michael J. Fox. Continue Reading


iHeartMedia cites “strong audience and revenue growth” for podcasting in coronavirus financial update

iHeartMedia released a lengthy and bullet-point-heavy financial update meant to reassure investors during coronavirus uncertainty. Podcasting is positioned as the leading digital business, with listening growth continuing during apotentially prolonged coronavirus emergency. Other digital assets are highlighted. Continue Reading


Jacobs Media Techsurvey: Younger listeners driving digital uptake, including podcasts and streaming audio

Jacobs Media has released the results for its annual survey into radio and media. The 2020 Techsurvey had 504 commercial radio stations in the U.S. and Canada participating. The slides show insights about radio, podcasts, streaming audio, and smart speakers for a divided digital audience. Continue Reading