Jeff Vidler: Building a New Soundtrack for At-Home Workers

Signal Hill Insights President Jeff Vidler contributes this very interesting column about how to program (radio and podcasts) for the COVID and post-COVID eras. He notes that radio has worked its way through reinventions before — in the 1950s and 1970s. During those transitions, radio invented new station categories to address changes in audience and listening routines. A must-read. Continue Reading


Jeff Umbro: What Does Podcast Attribution Mean? A Deep Dive with Podsights’​ Sarah Cotenoff

by Jeff Umbro

In this week’s column, Podglomerate CEO Jeff Umbro dives deep into the podcast attribution technology, featuring an interview with Sarah Cotenoff from Podsights. Additionally, making up for going dark last week, this newsletter is packed with news and commentary. A must-read. Continue Reading


Jeff Umbro: A Guide to Thinking Through IP from an IP Attorney

by Jeff Umbro

In this week’s column, Podglomerate CEO Jeff Umbro offers observations and insights from the podsphere, including Stitcher, Apple, and Audible. Then, a conversation with Matt Saunders about intellectual property in podcasting, from trademarks to music licensing. Click through for much more in this content-rich column. Continue Reading


Jeff Umbro: Digging into the New SiriusXM

by Jeff Umbro

RAIN News welcomes Jeff Umbro in his first weekly appearance as guest columnist. In this edition, he offers in-depth analysis of siriusXM’s pending acquisition of Stitcher, and covers other podcasting news as well. Jeff is CEO of the Podglomerate podcast network. Click through for more details about Jeff, and of course to read the column. Continue Reading


Michael Robertson: Is the Spotify Deal With Joe Rogan Illegal?

by Michael Robertson

This guest contribution by iconic digital audio entrepreneur Michael Robertson digs into the U.S. copyright code and finds a statute which might relate to, and potentially invalidate, Spotify’s exclusive distribution deal with Joe Rogan. Continue Reading


James Cridland’s International Radio Trends: iHeart’s podcast campaign; Iain Lee’s contract; Edison’s research

by James Cridland

A weekly column from the preeminent Radio Futurologist. THIS WEEK: How the BBC produced during coronavirus. How is Beats 1 doing? Ten best music radio stations. Radio recovery. Podcast promoter chat. And much more! Continue Reading


Steve Goldstein: What’s next on Spotify’s shopping list?

by Steve Goldstein
“The podcast wars are here,” says Steve Goldstein in this guest column. With comparisons to baseball, TV, and satellit radio, Goldstein lays out the anatomy of podcasting’s new competitive parameters. It’s not about just getting users to sign up for Premium service — Daniel Ek is going after radio. Read this exceptional anlysis. Continue Reading