Mark Mulligan: The Two Spotify Charts You Need To See

by Mark Mulligan

Spotify’s recently released 2015 financials created an interesting story: strong revenue growth and market domination, along with widening losses at the bottom line. Midia Research founder Mark Mulligan peels back the layers to analyze underlying dynamics. “Rights costs are the Spotify’s Achilles Heel.” Can scaling audience growth give Spotify enough leverage to gain better label rates? If not, the outcome might be unwelcome to those rights-holders. This guest column is a must-read. Continue Reading


After The Download: When Apple Turns Off The iTunes Store

Guest columnist Mark Mulligan projects the pace of disruption as consumers fade back from purchasing music downloads. “When new formats race to the fore it is easy to make the mistake of taking an eye off the legacy formats. This is risky because they usually still account for very large portions of existing revenue.” But a “download collapse” will happen to the iTunes Music Store. Continue Reading


State of Streaming: Continued growth and an identity crisis [RESEARCH]

Midia Research released a new data report called State of the Streaming Nation, a comprehensive analysis of the audience and economics of streaming music globally. The report positions itself at a pivotal point in the evolution of streaming, marking 2015 as “the year in which streaming music came of age.” At the same time, the conclusion fleshes out a cautionary reality. Continue Reading