Apple and Spotify dominate podcast distro — new numbers from Chartable

James Cridland’s Podnews apparently inspired podcast analytics and attribution company Chartable to crunch some numbers defining the share of podcasting distribution among leaders in that space. The question derives from Spotify’s rapid growth in this field. Apple is still #1, but Spotify’s influence in this field is growing impressively. Continue Reading


Perplexed by the Apple vs Spotify podcast race? They can both be winners.

With podcasts on track to be commanding a cool billion dollars in ad revenue, the fight to be the leading listening platform will only be getting more intense. This year kicked off with multiple reports from difference sources with their own datasets about which service is the biggest. James Cridland of Podnews gave his take on how to reconcile the different assessments Continue Reading


Canadian Podcast Listener suggests finding value in niche shows and advertisements

The Canadian Podcast Listener published a blog post with an exploration of the value in niche audiences, both for shows and for advertisers. The post included a graphic with a breakdown of the audience demographics for the top 10 podcasts on investing. Only 3.3% of monthly podcast listeners said they listen to shows about investing, meaning that mass-market brands likely won’t turn to those programs to reach a large market. Continue Reading