Steve Goldstein: Podcasting is doing fine; thank you

by Steve Goldstein

In the latest guest column from Steve Goldstein, he observes the more things change, the more they remain the same. Contrary to shaded scenarios currently in vogue, podcasting is “a healthy, but maturing and evolving business,” according to Steve. Less spaghetti thrown against the wall, please, and more rigor. It’s a good read. Continue Reading


Steve Pratt — Awesome Over Time: Would Your Content Strategy Pass the Marshmallow Test?

In this guest column, Steve Pratt of The Creativity Business discusses the power of patience. “If your goal is to earn attention, build trust, and develop relationships, the strategy is obvious. You must pass the Content Marshmallow Test and delay gratification.” Click for this illustrated column. Continue Reading


Edison Research bookends the demographic range with new studies of Gen-Z and Boomers

Edison Research, the preeminent consumer survey organization for measuring audio consumption, is announcing two upcoming podcast studies that explore young (Gen Z) and senior (Boomer) listeners. Edison calls them “two major podcast thought leadership studies,” and says they will be released in Q1. Continue Reading