Balancing tech and authenticity: Adopter Media limits AI in host-read ads

In an effort to maintain authenticity and leverage the convenience and accuracy of AI, podcast ad agency Adopter Media has placed limitations on AI voicings of host-read ads. Specifically, insertion orders will now define limits on the use of AI voicing of ad copy. More than just an in-house decision, the company calls for creators, networks, advertisers, and agencies to uphold similar standards. Details inside. Continue Reading


Steve Goldstein: Why Subscriptions Are Not The Solution For Most Podcasters

The New York Times is putting a lot of its podcast content behind paywalls, as it has done with cooking, games, and other categories. Should podcasters emulate? In this week’s guest column, Steve Goldstein observes: There is a lot of churn in subscription land. And the audio landscape is saturated with free content, much of it excellent. so it’s a mixed bag: “Good news: Some people are willing to pay.  Bad news: not a lot of people.” But there are exceptions, and industry opinions, and no definitive answer for all shows. Click for a key review of strategic thinking. Continue Reading

Entertainment / Enjoyment / Effectiveness: Signal Hill quantifies common sense for branded podcasts

Signal Hill Insights released its 2024 Benchmark Report, documenting and measuring the effectiveness of branded podcasts. The company has for years been a leader in testing audio effectiveness in audio marketing. This latest report quantifies and evangelizes the power of brand-created podcasts. Click for detailed coverage.
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