Ad types, visitor rates, and more in new Podscribe benchmark report

Podcast verification and attribution company Podscribe has released its quarterly Podscribe Performance Benchmarks, which offers analyses of key performance indicators important to podcast advertisers. Much of the metrical significance is measured on the basis of listener visits to advertiser destinations. Click for several examples and linkage to the free report. Continue Reading


Acast achieves first positive adjusted EBITDA in Q4.

Acast has released  simultaneous reports for Q4 2023 and full year 2023. The headline news promoted by the company’s press release is that Q4 earned a positive adjusted EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization). It is a self-congratulatory moment for one of the largest podcast and advertising networks in the world — “the global independent power source of podcasting” as the company frames it. Continue Reading


Steve Goldstein: What People Are Doing When They Aren’t Listening To Your Podcast

by Steve Goldstein

“In my days as an executive in the radio business, our competitive focus was always on other radio stations and grabbing audience from them with researched music, smarter commercial placement, stronger talent, and visible marketing.” That’s how Steve leads us into this overview of the many media attractions which are taking audience and time-spent from podcasting. Choice abounds, and in the search for greater audience the advice here is to think broadly about where that time will come from. “The competition isn’t just another podcast; it is everything.” Continue Reading


Rephonic / PodMatch advice to most podpreneurs: “Stop. Start a business instead.”

Putting aside the “Ouch” factor, a new study offers realistic advice to would-be podcasters, and many existing podcasters. In a report posted on the PodPros website, podcast database Rephonic and podcast guest provider service Podmatch put up some statistics that should give pause to any prospective podcast entrepreneur. Click for results and graphs. Continue Reading

Hit podcast SmartLess leaving Amazon for SiriusXM. And taking its 4 other shows.

It is a time of shaking loose from original network partnerships. Just as Joe Rogan and Alex Cooper are changing their exclusive relationships with Spotify, the hit podcast SmartLess is leaving its parent network Amazon Music and will be exclusively tied to SiriusXM for distribution and ad sales. Click for more. Continue Reading

98% of global DTC brand marketers say podcasts are effective (Acast)

Global podcasting giant Acast sent us results of two surveys conducted in December, focused on the DTC (direct to consumers) segment. One survey queried 450 marketing pros who specifically work in DTC, and the other questioned 900 consumers who typically shop online directly from a company’s website. Survey results include interesting angles of favorability for DTC podcast marketing. Continue Reading