Stability rules podcast ad rates in 2024 (so far): Libsyn Ads

The average cost per thousand (CPM) for podcast advertising remained practically the same in March over February. according to the monthly reckoning by LibsynAds. We take the long-term chart provided by Libsyn Ads (formerly Libsyn subsidiary AdvertiseCast), and compute the average cost of the most expensive campaign type over the lifetime of the chart (four years). Click for all the details. Continue Reading

Podcasting: $43B in 2032? (

Market research company has gathered podcast statistics from multiple sources and compiled a slate of podcast metrics including one far-reaching projection. We compare this dataset with other podcast ad revenue projections. In doing so, we achieve an impressive level ofuncertainty. It’s all about inputs and methodology.
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Audacy erases the Cadence13 brand, creates Audacy Podcasts.

A day after we reported that AdvertiseCast lost its name in a branding reorganization by parent company Libsyn, and was renamed Libsyn Ads, we learn that audio giant Audacy is doing something similar. In this case, Audacy will discontinue the Cadence13 brand and reposition it. Pineapple Street Media, another podcast subsidiary, is affected too. Continue Reading

Edison Podcast Metrics releases top new podcasts of 2023

As statistical roundups for 2023 continue rolling in, we receive The Top New Podcasts Of 2023, an infographic from Edison Research. Edison’s ranking method differentiates from most others, by deriving results from live surveys, not from download measurements. The key advantage of that method is inclusivity — any podcast in the world is eligible for mention. Click for details. Continue Reading

New digital audio ad firm Audire launches in 3 regions, offers 150M reach with “cost per full listen”

A new company called Audire (a combination of “audio” and “dire” — to speak, in French) has launched in Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. It is a new venture for RAIN sponsor and RAIN Summit speaker Carlos Cordoba. The network spans 150-million users across its addressable regions, including 50-million in the U.S. Click for detail. Continue Reading