“VENT Documentaries” win top honor at British Podcast Awards; 28 honorees; great discovery field

Twenty-eight 1st-place awards, and three times that many total awards, were bestowed over the weekend by the British Podcast Awards. VENT Documentaries won Podcast of the Year — a show in which investigative stories are told by young people from a single London borough. The winner list of nearly 90 shows provides great discovery browsing, especially for American audiences. Click for details and link. Continue Reading


Steve Goldstein: If People Can’t Find Your Podcast, They Can’t Listen to It

by Steve Goldstein
If “findability” isn’t in every podcast creator’s lexicon, this guest column by Steve Goldstein will put it there. Steve details the search agony an enthusiastic and motivated user might have (and he did have) finding a podcast after hearing it advertised. An eye-opening read. Continue Reading