Panoply explores the value of iTunes podcast ratings

Panoply Media’s lead data analyst, David Martin, has penned a blog post exploring the value of podcast ratings. Martin defines a rating is the number of 1-5 stars a listener gives a show, while a review is their written assessment. The podcast company’s statistics showed that about 80% of shows in the U.S. iTunes store have no ratings listed. Continue Reading


David Oxenford: Podcaster Sued for Copyright Infringement for Using Music without Permission

by David Oxenford

Major labels and publishers are quick to call in the copyright lawyers, and this time their target was a podcast that they claimed was illegally using music in episodes. David Oxenford explains the distinctions between different performance licenses and what podcasters should do to stay on the right side of copyright law. Continue Reading


Anchor Sponsorhips launches as “the podcast advertising platform for everyone”

Free podcast production and hosting service Anchor is introducing a new monetization plan for U.S. podcasters. Anchor Sponsorships is an automated service which matches advertisers with podcasts, and invites podcasters to create host-read breaks and insert them in their new and past shows. It’s an interesting long-tail play for both podcasters and brands. Continue Reading


Omny Studio teams with Rubicon Project for programmatic video pre-roll ads

Omny Studio, the audio publishing platform, has entered a programmatic advertising partnership with Rubicon Project. This deal will see Omny Studio offering pre-roll video advertisements for podcast listens on the web. Customers will be able to connect their shows to Rubicon Project’s video advertising marketplace, adding a new monetization option for podcasters under Omny’s umbrella. Continue Reading


Acast debuts personalized podcast advertising, powered by A Million Ads

Acast announced that it is launching its first personalized podcast ads. The podcast platform’s latest feature is powered by A Million Ads, and the service will be available across Acast’s entire global network. According to the press release, elements including the voiceover, the sound effects, and the music of an ad can be customized to a particular listener’s specific situation. Continue Reading


Voxnest partners with DAX for audio monetization solution

Podcasting company Voxnest has entered into a partnership with DAX, the digital audio advertising platform of Global. This deal unites the expertises of both parties to create audio monetization opportunities for publishers that will help them grow audiences and revenue. Their collaboration will create a turnkey solution for creating, monetizing, and distributing digital audio. Continue Reading


Corus Entertainment’s Curiouscast network adds its first science podcast

Corus Entertainment, a top media company in Canada, announced the launch of the first science and technology podcast for its Curiouscast network. Super Awesome Science Show debuts today and will release new episodes weekly on Tuesdays. The podcast will explore answers to big questions in science topics such as blockchain, climate change, and artificial intelligence. Continue Reading