Podcast ad rates continue to dip in August (Libsyn/AdvertiseCast)

The average cost per thousand (CPM) for podcast ads moved slightly downward in July, across most measures of audience size, and the average of them. This according to AdvertiseCast’s monthly tracker, where average CPM for all audience size buckets (1,000 to 100,000+) settled in at $22.24. Click through for the long trend chart. Continue Reading

Dr. Seuss enters podcasting with Wondery

Dr. Seuss Enterprises, owner of the epochal children’s books, is partnering with Wondery to enter podcasting. Rather than make literal audio dramas of the books, the approach of this partnership appears to create original content in audio. It drops September 18 and is an exclusive presentation; only Wondery+ users will gain access. Lots more details here. Continue Reading

The potential of podcast persuadables (Sounds Profitable research)

Sounds Profitable has released a revealing study of podcast listeners: The Podcast Landscape. Ninety-five percent of respondents, whether they were listeners or not, were familiar with the term podcasting. Not everybody is a listener, but this research defines a cohort of “Persuadables” and delivers a raft of metrics about them. Continue Reading

Ex-NPR star launches “Your Mama’s Kitchen” via Acast/Higher Ground alliance

Acast announces a new podcast called Your Mama’s Kitchen, spawned from the company’s partnership with Higher Ground, the podcast company launched by Michelle and Barack Obama. Acast announced its sales and distribution deal with Higher Ground in April. This new show is the first result of that alliance. Click for details and a link to listen. Continue Reading

Advertiser intention toward podcasting reaches tipping point (Westwood One)

How do advertisers regard podcasting as a potential marketing medium? Where are they in that thinking, from discussion to action? Those are the questions addressed in the latest Cumulus Media / Westwood One research — Advertiser Perceptions: The state of podcast advertising, a nine-year tracking study. Click for results, graphs, key points, and a download link. Continue Reading