Spotify wraps up 2018: Drake’s the top artist (again) and more weird stats feature in marketing

Spotify is closing out the year by sharing statistics. First, the streaming service shared its top performers of 2018. Second, it has opted to promote its platform for another year with the Wrapped promotional campaign of advertisements sharing unusual or funny data points from its listeners. Continue Reading


Sirius XM acquires Pandora

In a landscape-shifting deal that could be filed in the “Finally!” folder, Sirius XM is buying Pandora. The satellite company already owned a 14% stake in the streaming audio giant, and three Sirius execs have been sitting on Pandora’s board for over a year. Pandora’s well-prepared material on the deal calls the combination “the world’s largest audio entertainment company.” Continue Reading


iHeartMedia to acquire Stuff Media, publisher of HowStuffWorks podcast network

iHeartMedia announced plans to acquire Stuff Media, the publisher behind HowStuffWorks and other premium podcast content. As a result of the deal, iHeart will be able to leverage Stuff Media’s original content, programming, and podcast management team to continue growing the joint operations. Continue Reading