Audacy erases the Cadence13 brand, creates Audacy Podcasts.

A day after we reported that AdvertiseCast lost its name in a branding reorganization by parent company Libsyn, and was renamed Libsyn Ads, we learn that audio giant Audacy is doing something similar. In this case, Audacy will discontinue the Cadence13 brand and reposition it. Pineapple Street Media, another podcast subsidiary, is affected too. Continue Reading

AI-programmed radio (HD) launches in Nashville, powered by Super Hi-Fi

Radio innovation company Super Hi-Fi is promoting the launch of new technology which uses AI to create radio station programming, and has launched its first examples in HD. It is called HLS+. Partners in this technological adventure are Xperi and Cumulus Media. Two new radio stations in Nashville are powered by a combination of human-produced programming elements and AI-produced targeting and assembly. Click for more explanation of this interesting venture. Continue Reading

Audacy splits from American Public Media partnership in costly separation

Audacy has separated from an ad-sales agreement with American Public Media, clarifying a remark made by Audacy CEO David Field in a recently published quarterly earning statement. No reason or explanation has yet emerged. But in Audacy’s Q2 earning statement, David Field referred to an unnamed break-up which he called “onerous.” Click for details. Continue Reading

Cross-platform listeners: A trending quest for knowledge, entertainment, connection (Audacy study)

Media behemoth Audacy is splashing results of new survey work which explores cross-platform listening. Called The Rise of the Cross-Platform Listener, it drills into the “AudioX listener” concept which Audacy explored in the company’s meaty State of Audio report last summer. Click for details, findings, and links. Continue Reading