Audacy erases the Cadence13 brand, creates Audacy Podcasts.

A day after we reported that AdvertiseCast lost its name in a branding reorganization by parent company Libsyn, and was renamed Libsyn Ads, we learn that audio giant Audacy is doing something similar. In this case, Audacy will discontinue the Cadence13 brand and reposition it. Pineapple Street Media, another podcast subsidiary, is affected too. Continue Reading

Audacy stations grab C13 podcast for Halloween night

In an interesting and inventive crossover, all of Audacy’s Top 40 stations will play a portion of Treat, a “podcast movie” produced by C13Features, on Hollywood night. C13Features is a unit within Audacy-owned Cadence13. It’s an homage to old-time radio drama … and, of course, a powerful podcast promotion. Click for details. Continue Reading

Cadence13 to rep APM podcasts in new sales and content development deal

American Public Media (APM) announces this morning a sales and content development agreement with Cadence13, an Audacy company, wherein Cadence13 will exclusively represent ad sales for APM podcasts, and the two organizations will collaboratively develop new shows. Continue Reading

Entercom buys indie marketplace Podcorn, adding to podcast holdings

Entercom, the second biggest commercial U.S. radio group, has bought Podcorn, a marketplace which connects indie podcasts with advertisers and agencies. With this acquisition Entercom adds to its podcast holdings which include Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Studios. Entercom hopes to identify talented podcasters deserving of bigger spotlights. Continue Reading

Entercom: No plan to divest podcast acquisitions (à la Scripps)

In Entercom’s Q4 earnings call this week, podcasting was prominently referenced as part of the company’s digital initiatives. One investor asked whether selling off podcast acquisitions Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Studios might be in the future, if the acquisition value of those outfits exceeded their revenue potential. CEO David Field’s answer was definitive. Continue Reading

Podcast daily news news

The podcasting daily news space is crowded and successful as a category. The extensive lineup of daily news podcasts fluxes quite a bit, with new additions, and revisions to existing programs. Here, three items of note. Cadence13 partners with a new organization, Punchbowl News, for The Daily Punch. Vox starts a not-podcast which is really a playlist of podcasts, all squeezed into one feed — we were baffled, then curious, and now we like it. A well-regarded news podcast from The Washington Post switches out the host, who becomes an opinion columnist at the paper. Click for specifics. Continue Reading

Cadence13 partners to release “Fiasco” (season one) out of Luminary exclusivity

Cadence13 is helping to unleash the Fiasco podcast from Luminary’s exclusive subscription service. The three-way partnership involves Cadence13, Luminary, and Prologue Projects, the last of which is the show’s producer. Season 1 will be released via public RSS, containing six episodes. Seasons 2 and 3 remain exclusive to Luminary. Continue Reading