Vox’s news podcast “Today, Explained” extends to public radio in rare crossover

Media giant Vox has notified us that Today, Explained, the company’s flagship daily news podcast hosted by Sean Rameswaram and Noel King, is now carried by over 50 public radio stations across the country. The arrangement is made via WNYC Studios. Each host has a public radio background. Continue Reading

Podcast daily news news

The podcasting daily news space is crowded and successful as a category. The extensive lineup of daily news podcasts fluxes quite a bit, with new additions, and revisions to existing programs. Here, three items of note. Cadence13 partners with a new organization, Punchbowl News, for The Daily Punch. Vox starts a not-podcast which is really a playlist of podcasts, all squeezed into one feed — we were baffled, then curious, and now we like it. A well-regarded news podcast from The Washington Post switches out the host, who becomes an opinion columnist at the paper. Click for specifics. Continue Reading