Cadence13 partners to release “Fiasco” (season one) out of Luminary exclusivity

Cadence13 is helping to unleash the Fiasco podcast from Luminary’s exclusive subscription service. The three-way partnership involves Cadence13, Luminary, and Prologue Projects, the last of which is the show’s producer.

The deal will see Season One released via public RSS, while Seasons Two and Three remain exclusive to Luminary. The release of Episodes 1 and 2 happens October 14, with the four other other episodes from Season 1 to follow. The Apple Podcasts page promotes the entirety of Season 1, and contains the trailer today.

Fiasco is a documentary podcast about the Bush vs. Gore presidential election in the U.S., which was essentially tied on election night, eventually decided by the Supreme Court after weeks of recounting, argument, and litigation. 

“‘Fiasco’ exemplifies what great podcast journalism can achieve, and we are proud to partner with Prologue Projects and Cadence13 to offer this outstanding piece of content for listeners across the globe three weeks out from an historic U.S. presidential election,” said Simon Sutton, CEO of Luminary. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Leon, Andrew, and Luminary and expand C13’s lineup of powerful documentary franchises with this incisive, extraordinarily produced series,” said Chris Corcoran, Chief Content Officer, Cadence13. “With less than thirty days to go before the historic 2020 presidential election, the timing could not be better.”

Cadence13 is in business with Prologue Projects in other podcast productions as well: The Edge: Houston Astros and Whirlwind. 

Brad Hill