Cadence13 to rep APM podcasts in new sales and content development deal

American Public Media (APM) announces this morning a sales and content development agreement with Cadence13, an Audacy company, wherein Cadence13 will exclusively represent ad sales for APM podcasts, and the two organizations will collaboratively develop new shows. Continue Reading

APM announces new podcasts and a returning season

American Public media (APM) has sent PR descriptions of two new podcasts, and one returning show. The return is season two of Spectacular Failures, which is described as “ridiculous stories of business disasters. The new season drops on August 3. No trailer yet. One new show features comedian Tig Nagaro. The other comes from Marketplace and is a children’s show. Continue Reading

Public radio execs call for FM in smartphones, and they are right

In a collaborative open letter, Paul Haaga (acting President and CEO of NPR) and Jon McTaggart (CEO of American Public Media Group) call for all smartphones to contain activated FM chips, citing radio’s role in emergencies. We agree with the emergency angle, but also regard FM as a desirable mobile feature in all respects. Continue Reading