REVIEW: MixRadio

by Brad Hill

Microsoft-owned Nokia’s music service, MixRadio, is slated to be spun out as a stand-alone listening platform. It’s big news — separating from that ecosystem will put MixRadio on the same playing field as Pandora, iTunes Radio, and other Internet radio brands. In light of the news, this is a timely moment to assess MixRadio and its potential to stand out in the crowd. How does it shape up? We tested the premium service offered by MixRadio on a Windows 8.1 computer with touch screen, and a Windows 8.1 tablet. Basics? Well-covered (mostly). Highlights? Occasional. Continue Reading

Nokia’s MixRadio to spin off as independent entity following Microsoft cuts

Microsoft sent the tech world into a tizzy yesterday with the announcement that it will cut 18,000 jobs. A large portion of those jobs will be removed from Nokia, which it acquired in April. That cut includes plans to spin off Nokia’s MixRadio service into a standalone company. MixRadio will need to offer something distinct and valuable for listeners to encourage them to test it out, much less stay around. Continue Reading

James Cridland: Nokia and Sony push their own music services at Mobile World Congress

A field report from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, by guest columnist James Cridland. Will smartphone handset companies decide that they can profitably create their own music services? Nokia and Sony are promoting their home-grown music services in the Barcelona trade show. Continue Reading

Public radio execs call for FM in smartphones, and they are right

In a collaborative open letter, Paul Haaga (acting President and CEO of NPR) and Jon McTaggart (CEO of American Public Media Group) call for all smartphones to contain activated FM chips, citing radio’s role in emergencies. We agree with the emergency angle, but also regard FM as a desirable mobile feature in all respects. Continue Reading