What’s next for Cortana? More voice integrations, but no Microsoft smart speaker in sight, execs say

As voice assistants grow to be a more visible and audible presence in the tech sector, the conversation has been dominated by just two names: Amazon and Google. But one of the other biggest brands isn’t out of the action just yet. Microsoft execs are speaking up about the company’s plans for its Cortana voice AI. Continue Reading

Amazon and Microsoft offer first preview of Alexa-Cortana integration

Amazon and Microsoft have integrated their digital assistants, which could open up new possibilities for cross-support of features and services outside of whatever hardware brand a user owns. Plans for an integration were announced last year, and the integration is just available as a preview in the U.S. right now. Continue Reading

Xbox Music is getting rebranded as Groove

Microsoft has renamed its Xbox Music service to Groove. The previous name had caused confusion among potential listeners, many of whom thought that the service required an Xbox game console. “Groove” is a more accessible name for listeners who don’t have the gaming hardware. But the rebrand also seems to be part of a broader effort to update Microsoft’s entertainment offerings to keep pace with existing services. Continue Reading