Google and Microsoft sign agreement to demote pirate sites in search

pirate flag canvasTwo search engines have signed on for a voluntary code of practice that would make it harder for people to find illegal streaming and download sites. Both Google and Microsoft have signed on for this code, although neither has agreed to take specific action yet.

Although this code is not being shared publicly, a statement issued by rightsholder groups said the code would “… accelerate the demotion of illegal sites following notices from rights holders, and establishes ongoing technical consultation, increased co-operation and information sharing to develop and improve on the process. It will also enable new practices to be adopted where needed.” The organizations are the Alliance for IP, the BPI, and the MPA.

It seems that a first step will be for pirate websites to be demoted in search results. However, rightsholders want to see those sites blocked so that proxy and mirror versions cannot appear.

Anna Washenko


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