Text finalized for EU Copyright Directive, potentially placing strict new rules on YouTube and more

The text of the EU Copyright Directive has been finalized, meaning the stage is set for a sweeping legal update that could have unintended consequences for online communication in the bloc. With the final language decided, new revisions cannot be made and the legislation will go to the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee ahead of a final vote, which is expected to occur in March or April. Continue Reading


Changing interpretations of Article 13 erode industry support for EU’s incendiary Copyright Directive

Europe’s efforts for copyright law overhaul were controversial when they first progressed through Parliament, and the Copyright Directive measures have only become more contentious over time. Article 13 in particular could have far-reaching implications for not just copyright law, but the foundations of how people communicate and create on the Internet. Continue Reading


NMPA and partners submit their bid for the upcoming Mechanical Licensing Collective

The Music Modernization Act is open to submissions for the management of the Mechanical Licensing Collective through March 21. A group comprised of the National Music Publishers’ Association, the Nashville Songwriters Association International, and the Songwriters of North America have made their bid for the leadership of the MLC. Continue Reading


Rumblefish and 7digital expand their partnership

Rumblefish and 7digital have broadened their existing relationship. Rights administration service Rumblefish is a division of the Harry Fox Agency. Under the new deal with B2B music specialist 7digital, Rumblefish will leverage its rights management solution to speed the launch of services and streamline administration for music distribution models powered by 7digital. Continue Reading


European Copyright Directive controversy deepens as lawmakers and rightsholders dig in

The European Copyright Directive passed one big hurdle in the fall, but the fate of the contentious legislative overhaul is now in question. Two components of the legal package have raised debate: Article 11, which lets publishers charge a fee when online platforms like Google or Facebook show snippets of their articles, and Article 13, which makes platforms such as YouTube liable for user-generated content that infringes copyright. Continue Reading


MIDiA Research explores YouTube, the value of advertisements, and the risk of EU’s Article 13

MIDiA Research has a new report examining YouTube’s impact on the international streaming market. Its assessment shares statistics from the video platform in Q3 2018 and shares insights as to how the recent legislation passed in Europe could have unintended effects on the music industry as a whole. Continue Reading


Application process begins for the Music Modernization Act’s Mechanical Licensing Collective

The passage of the Music Modernization Act in October was hailed as a watershed moment for the industry, a big step to bring the law in line with the latest trends in how and where music consumption happens. Work has now begun to enact one of the Act’s critical measures. Continue Reading


David Oxenford: Podcaster Sued for Copyright Infringement for Using Music without Permission

by David Oxenford

Major labels and publishers are quick to call in the copyright lawyers, and this time their target was a podcast that they claimed was illegally using music in episodes. David Oxenford explains the distinctions between different performance licenses and what podcasters should do to stay on the right side of copyright law. Continue Reading


Report: YouTube paid the music industry $1.8 billion in ad revenue in the past year

YouTube paid more than $1.8 billion in ad revenue to rightsholders in the music industry from October 2017 to September 2018. According to the How Google Fights Piracy report, that figure brings YouTube’s total music industry payments to more than $6 billion in ad revenues. Continue Reading