Music rights investment firm democratizes long-tail sale of song catalogs

Called the Catch Point Catalog Acquisition Program, the goal is to allow mid- and lower-level songwriters monetize their compositions. The company hopes to realize long-tail value which can be accumulated through many purchases of small catalogs. Click for details. Continue Reading

Spotify opens audiobooks to its biggest market. (U.S.) Also, more books. And research.

Five weeks after launching its audiobook category, Spotify has opened it to Premium U.S. subscribers. The original plan limited the audiobook experience to U.K. and Australian listeners. Now these three territories are granted 15 hours a month for book listening. Spotify did some audiobook listening research, too. Continue Reading

Spotify’s 2024 royalty scheme shifts payouts upward; significance is debated

Spotify has announced change to its royalty payout calculation, limiting royalty eligibility to tracks which exceed 1,000 streams per 12-month period. Whereas in the past, sub-1,000 tracks earned negligible royalties, now those tracks will be taken out of the calculation entirely. This change will create meaningful results. Continue Reading

Global double-digit revenue growth for music creators as digital overtakes broadcast (CISAC)

The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers has released its Global Collections Report 2023. The densely informative document documents worldwide revenue earned by creators across five media types: Music, Audiovisual, Visual Arts, Drama, and Literature. The focus here is music, where the creative side represents composers and songwriters. Click for key metrics, graphs, and a link to more. Continue Reading

Gen Z much more likely than average to stream music every day (GWI)

Following on the heels of consumer insights platform GWI’s examination of Millennials (RAIN HERE), the consumer insights company sent us a study of preference in the young Gen Z cohort. U.S, Gen Z are nearly 70% more likely than the average American to use music streaming services every day. That translates to 46% of respondents. MORE. Continue Reading

Industry first: UMG changes royalty terms with Deezer — to favor artists

In an unprecedented shift in how streaming music royalties are assessed, Universal Music Group (UMG) has reached agreement with Paris-based global streaming service Deezer. It is an artist-centric model which scales payouts upward in an attempt to reward musicians who are most favored by fans. Click for the details. Continue Reading

With Spotify’s recent raise, major music services are settled at $10.99 subscription level

Spotify made news during its Q2 earnings report (See RAIN HERE and HERE) for raising its monthly Spotify Premium subscription rate from $9.99 to $10.99. Investor reaction, as a whole, could be characterized as “It’s about time.” Our survey of current music subscription pricing does support some investor impatience with Spotify, with six competing services having already boosted to that level.
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Spotify reportely to launch “Supremium” plan with higher monthly rate

Spotify will launch a third subscription tier to its legacy two-tier access, introducing a “Supremium” plan above its current subscription and free-listening options. This according the Ashley Carman’s reporting at Bloomberg — and CEO Daniel Ek promised it during the Q1 earnings call. We look at the rumored benefits, and compare to competitors. Featuring RAIN’s Spotify user growth chart. Continue Reading