Streaming audio up, AM/FM down in new 2024 local advertising forecast from Borrell

Local media analytics company Borrell Associates has released a new forecast of local media advertising. This report is a follow-up to an initial forecast released in November and is, in the company’s words, “triggered by new information from Borrell’s principal sources.” We learn that streaming audio is a high achiever in local advertising expenditures. Click for lots of detail, revealing graphs, and the source link. Continue Reading

Spotify’s new “AUX” connects advertisers with musicians for in-concert and on-platform holistic partnerships

Spotify’s new AUX program is interestingly conceived to connect advertisers to targeted successful musicians for partnerships that benefit both the artist, who receives brand-name sponsorship, and the advertiser which gains access to the artist’s targeted audience. Naturally, artists selected for this program have substantial popularity and reach. Coca-Cola is the launch partner for this innovative marketing experiment, and the first artist to be involved is Peggy Gou. Click for much more info. Continue Reading

Acast Holiday Advertising Guide

Acast has released an informative guide to brands who are approaching the holiday buying season: “Tis the season for podcast advertising with Acast. While an unabashed promotion of Acast’s self-serve platform, the guide delivers platform-agnostic guidance for getting a grip on the complex holiday season. Click for metrics and a link to the full study. Continue Reading

Audio sales company AdLarge opens a Labs program for podcast creators and networks

AdLarge, an independent ad sales company which connects all kinds of audio publishers with brands, and brands to audiences, has launched AdLarge Labs. The company describes the new venture as “a digital accelerator program to market, monetize, and maximize opportunities for podcast creators.” It is open to all creators and networks. Click for details and key to the waitlist. Continue Reading