Spotify raises subscription rates; pitches innovation, features, and “best experience”

National news organizations are headlining Spotify news this morning: The international streaming giant will raise its premium subscription price. One national publication puts the pricing decision in the context of “Streaming Inflation Continues.” Spotify raised its subscription rates a year ago; before that was a 12-year stretch of stable pricing. Continue Reading


Spotify exits the IAB; podcasting particularly affected; a signal of extraordinay self-sufficiency

In what is seemingly a statement of global self-sufficiency, Spotify is no longer represented on the IAB’s list of compliant podcast companies. The movement feels momentous in its abruptness, absence of presage, widespread reaction, and inherent implication. Click for details. Continue Reading

Podcasts on Substack? $100M worth, and Substack is promoting the features

“Podcasts and video shows are surging on the platform,” Substack asserts in a promotional post which seeks to reset the common perception of the platform as a distributor of written articles. There is a business rationale behind the pitch, which positions Substack as an added revenue source — subscriptions — to podcasting’s traditional advertising model. Continue Reading


Spotify to hike subscription rates in France in dispute with a targeted tax hike

In what seems like a protest action in addition to a logical finance decision, Spotify will raise its subscription rate in France to compensate for a new tax levied by the French government. A public blog post which is both aggressive and defensive makes a case for the streaming giant. “Se simply can’t absorb any additional taxes.” Spotify also disputes whether taxed revenue in France gets where it is supposed to go — assisting artists. Continue Reading

Spotify’s new “AUX” connects advertisers with musicians for in-concert and on-platform holistic partnerships

Spotify’s new AUX program is interestingly conceived to connect advertisers to targeted successful musicians for partnerships that benefit both the artist, who receives brand-name sponsorship, and the advertiser which gains access to the artist’s targeted audience. Naturally, artists selected for this program have substantial popularity and reach. Coca-Cola is the launch partner for this innovative marketing experiment, and the first artist to be involved is Peggy Gou. Click for much more info. Continue Reading