Spotify announces video podcasts

On Spotify’s announcement blog, the company announced yesterday that video blogging is now native to the platform. The feature is not Spotify’s first foray in video presentation, but it is a new global feature for the company’s podcast service. This feature seems like a stage-setting for Joe Rogan’s video format, which moves exclusively to Spotify by end-of-year. Continue Reading


“The Michelle Obama Podcast” announced as a Spotify exclusive

Spotify knows a magnetic star when it sees one. Last month, Joe Rogan. today, Michelle Obama. The audio platform has signed the former First Lady and memoir author for a conversational podcast that promises real-life inspiration. In the trailer (listen below) Obama plans to speak with members of her inner circle to start, then expand outward. Click through to hear the trailer. Continue Reading


Michael Robertson: Is the Spotify Deal With Joe Rogan Illegal?

by Michael Robertson

This guest contribution by iconic digital audio entrepreneur Michael Robertson digs into the U.S. copyright code and finds a statute which might relate to, and potentially invalidate, Spotify’s exclusive distribution deal with Joe Rogan. Continue Reading


“What was that promo code again?” Spotify testing a universal answer

Spotify, the global audio listening platform which is grabbing chunks of the podcast industry through acquisition, is also applying its customary tech chops to improving advertising effectiveness … while making life a little bit smoother for discount-minded consumers. The prospective feature is called “In-App Offers,” and is basically a link on a podcast’s show page which leads to an advertiser’s discounted offering. Tap through for details. Continue Reading


Stock chart update: SPOT, SIRI, IHRT, ETM

Here is the latest in our perio;dic update of major audio stock performance. In the chart below, we see the violent fluctuations in stock value for Spotify (SPOT), SiriusXM (SIRI), iHeartMedia (IHRT), and Entercom (ETM). These four companies embody numerous audio creation, distribution, and technology entities, including: Gimlet Media, Parcast, Anchor, Pandora, AdsWizz, Simplecast, iHeartPodcast Network, Stuff Media, Cadence13, RADIO.com, and Pineapple Street Studios. Continue Reading