Stream listening level in August; year-over-year gain (Triton Digital Webcast Metrics)

Stream listening slipped less than one percent month-over-month in August, according to the Triton Digital Webcast Metrics Top 20 Ranker. Pandora, leader of the pack, dropped two percent from July, losing a bit of listener activity for the fourth straight month. Number two-ranked iHeartRadio gained by nine percent, after losing nine percent in July. Click through for historical tracking. Continue Reading


Billboard honors streaming, radio executives with Digital Power Players list

Billboard released its annual list of digital power players, a collection of the business leaders who are driving segments such as streaming and radio. Both industries had notable figures from businesses around the world, as well as from leading brands. Continue Reading


Integr8 Research: How Spotify is replacing record stores and influencing radio programming

Integr8 Research has released a series of blog posts highlighting research into the habits of Spotify listeners, and how they relate to trends seen in broadcast radio. The company analyzed the top 200 tracks on the Spotify charts in the U.S. each week from the beginning of 2019 through August 1. Continue Reading