Audio listening likely disrupted, possibly reduced, by changes in routine

A couple of audio consumption numbers got our attention this morning. They indicate that consumer listening might be shifting in unexpected ways as lifestyle habits are disrupted. The first number: AM/FM radio From Fred Jacobs, promoting the upcoming release of… Continue Reading


Perplexed by the Apple vs Spotify podcast race? They can both be winners.

With podcasts on track to be commanding a cool billion dollars in ad revenue, the fight to be the leading listening platform will only be getting more intense. This year kicked off with multiple reports from difference sources with their own datasets about which service is the biggest. James Cridland of Podnews gave his take on how to reconcile the different assessments Continue Reading


Podnews report: How much is a spot on Apple Podcast Charts worth?

A new report from James Cridland’s Podnews reveals that algorithmic one-upmanship has entered the scene — podcasters can now buy their way to a high placement in Apple Podcast charts. We’re not certain it works, but it shouldn’t be surprising. Where there is an algorithm, there is an attempt to hijack it. Continue Reading