Podcast listeners are receptive to ads, and likely to act on them: Sounds Profitable study

Sounds Profitable has released The Ad Bargain: Attracting Consumer Attention in a Sea of Ads, in collaboration with Signal Hill Insights. The stated purpose is to compare podcast advertising with YouTube and cable TV marketing, with the criteria being consumer receptivity, attention, and effectiveness. It is a deep study with opulent levels of detailed results. Click for samples and a link to the real thing. Continue Reading

The potential of podcast persuadables (Sounds Profitable research)

Sounds Profitable has released a revealing study of podcast listeners: The Podcast Landscape. Ninety-five percent of respondents, whether they were listeners or not, were familiar with the term podcasting. Not everybody is a listener, but this research defines a cohort of “Persuadables” and delivers a raft of metrics about them. Continue Reading

“The Podcast Opportunity” reveals buy-side planning, requirements, and experiences (Sounds Profitable)

Sounds Profitable has released a data+interview report (The Podcast Opportunity) which explores buyer perceptions of podcast advertising. With a rich mix of survey data and qualitative interviews with agencies and brands, this project delivers a holistic understanding of podcast advertiser habits, preferences, and perceptions. Click for a sample of survey results, some quotes, and the download link. Continue Reading

The Podscape is revised, now includes overlays indicating acquisitions

The Podscape, a graphic representation of the podcast business landscape created by Magellan AI and Sounds Profitable, has been revised. Of special note in this new edition are colored overlays indicating companies which own podcast entities, often through acquisitions of the past three years. Click through to see the infographic, get the download link and the email address for submitting comments to the creators. Continue Reading

Magellan & Sounds Profitable create The Podcscape, a graphic representation of podcasting

Podcast advertising intelligence company Magellan AI, in collaboration with the Sounds Profitable newsletter authored by Bryan Barletta, have created an impressive graphic representation of the podcasting industry. It is an impressive project and a useful guide. Click through to see it and get the dowenload link. Continue Reading