The potential of podcast persuadables (Sounds Profitable research)

Sounds Profitable has released a revealing study of podcast listeners: The Podcast Landscape. Ninety-five percent of respondents, whether they were listeners or not, were familiar with the term podcasting. Not everybody is a listener, but this research defines a cohort of “Persuadables” and delivers a raft of metrics about them. Continue Reading

Tom Webster: What is the Biggest Platform in Podcasting Today?

by Tom Webster

It’s not the first time Edison Research SVP Tom Webster has addressed this topic. In this guest column, he shares info from his company’s Podcast Consumer Tracker to investigate where listeners really find their podcasts. The answers shift around depending how the question is asked. But one platform always seems to rise to the top when survey respondents list all the apps they use. A must read.
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Tom Webster: A Crucial Metric of Podcasting’s Health

by Tom Webster

In his inaugural guest column, Tom Webster illuminates hidden signifiance in metrics from The Infinite Dial, the annual report on American listening produced by Edison Research and Triton Digital. Have you wondered about the conversion rate from monthly to weekly podcast listening? Or mere awareness to actually listening? Those numbers are significant: “What converts people from awareness to usage to habit is not the inevitability of the passage of time, it’s improvement — better content, better access, better discovery — better podcasts.” A must read.
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Steve Goldstein: Previously Audio was on Nobody’s Radar – In 2020 it was on Everyone’s Radar

by Steve Goldstein
In this year-in-review guest column, Steve Goldstein ruminates on audio’s growth from outdated also-ran in the media universe, to an essential component of the media mix. And the audio story is more than just Spotify and SiriusXM. Continue Reading


Steve Goldstein: How to improve podcast listening on 60 million smart speakers. A talk with Tom Webster.

by Steve Goldstein
In this guest column, Steve Goldstein chats with Edison Research SVP and ubiquitous keynote speaker Tom Webster about the podcast experience through smart speakers. the conversation is informed by stats and charts from the Edison/NPR Smart Audio Report. Continue Reading

Edison Research webinar: Podcast listening grows and shifts

In a zoom webinar yesterday, Edison Research Senior Vice President Tom Webster laid out some metrics about podcast listening before and during the covid-19 era. The session was part of a lunchtime series from Edison. Deploying recent research from the company’s Podcast Consumer Tracking Report and the ongoing Share of Ear consumer survey project, Webster described some changes in American podcast listening. The underlying premise why that the disruption of routines, especially the widespread loss of morning commuting in cars, has made significant changes in how much, and when, Americans listen to podcasts. Click through for more. Continue Reading

Edison Research COVID listening webinar set for Thursday

Edison Research is set to deliver a short webinar as part of a lunchtime series, this one titled Listening Habits During Quarantine: A Share of Ear® Report. “Share of Ear” is an ongoing subscription survey project which measures time spent in all kinds of audio among Americans. Edison SVP Tom Webster will present the brisk, 15-minute report. Click through for the registration link. Continue Reading

Weekly podcast listeners skew away from AM/FM during coronavirus, and Joe Rogan rules (Edison)

The most actively engaged podcast listeners — people who listen at least weekly — are, as a group, falling away from AM/FM listening to an extent, and also streaming internet radio. This is one result of an Edison Research survey, as described by SVP Tom Webster in a webinar. Edison also displayed a top-1o list of podcasts with the greatest reach. Guess which is #1 — by a big margin. Continue Reading