IAB Podcast Upfront Roundup: Bulletins from the industry event in NYC

The IAB Podcast Upfront, held yesterday in New York City, included presentations and new developments from many leading audio and podcasting companies. In addition to the talks, several operations used the event to help promote their latest ventures and data. Here’s a round-up of the press releases issued at the industry gathering. Continue Reading


Smart Audio Report teasers and webinar info

The Spring 2018 edition of The Smart Audio Report, produced by NPR and Edison Research, will be released tomorrow (Wednesday July 18) in a 1pm webinar. It is a key research report about the adoption and use of smart speakers, arguably the most important new distribution platform since smartphones. In a teaser release, NPR and Edison have revealed a few key findings. Continue Reading


Public media audience expanded in 2017, with NPR digital pushing the growth

Pew Research Center has published its latest data on public media audience, including NPR, American Public Media, and Public Radio International. For most metrics, the three public media houses saw little to some growth, although NPR’s digital platforms continue to be top performers. Continue Reading


Spotify gets NPR as two giants combine strengths

In a pivotal deal, NPR announced that its entire podcast catalog is now available on Spotify for the first time. All shows from the public media outlet, both familiar favorites and new titles, will have a home on the streaming audio service. The arrangement brings the world’s largest podcast publisher into one of the largest podcast distribution platforms. Continue Reading


16% of Americans own a smart speaker: post-holiday results of groundbreaking NPR/Edison research

NPR has updated its Smart Audio Report with a post-holiday survey conducted by Edison Research. The headline result is that 16% of American adults (about 39-million people) now own a smart speaker. Smart speaker adoption is growing at the pace of smartphones several years ago. AM/FM radio listening is being replaced at a greater rate than any other activity. Continue Reading