Spoken Layer expands from media narrations to audio for brands with Lucky Charms adventures

Short form audio producer SpokenLayer, best known for audio narrations of articles published by media juggernauts Heart, Tribune, TIME, and others. According to CEO Andy Lipset, the company is increasingly doing original programming production for branded content. The latest to launch is Lucky Charms Magical Mission, a leprechaun-hosted adventure to magical lands. Click through for Alexa sample. Continue Reading

Zach Fuller: Free Streaming Goes To Voice: Should Radio Companies Be Worried?

Guest columnist Zach Fuller, of MIDiA Research, looks at the history of audio disruption, and explores how Amazon’s free streaming service could advance the company’s global aspirations. “Embellishing the Prime pipeline through a free-streaming service is effectively the same strategy that RCA employed to incentivise radio adoption.” Continue Reading

iHeartRadio to be default live music provider for Alexa children’s products

We know from The Smart Audio Report conducted by Edison Research and NPR, that smart speakers have a special (and perhaps unpredicted) appeal to kids, and therefore to parents who are bringing Alexa devices into their homes. research summary. iHeartRadio is leaping into that space with an announcement today that it will be the default provider of live music content for the newly launched Echo Dot Kids Edition, and the FreeTime Unlimited skill in Alexa. Continue Reading