Quick Hits: Looking at Yonder, smart speakers and radio, Radioplayer UK gets more Alexa

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Mark Mulligan penned a blog post exploring the alternative streaming model presented by Yonder. About half of the company’s million monthly active users are in Bangladesh, with Indonesia and Sri Lanka as secondary markets. The bundle service has been seeing success thanks to its choices of where and how it operates.

Mark Ramsey also recently posted a blog post, this one about smart speakers. He questioned how the uptick in smart speaker ownership might be impacting radio listenership. Ramsey opines that the services that are currently benefiting most from smart speakers are doing so be offering a “unique value.”

Radioplayer UK announced that it has added podcasts and catch-up listening to its Alexa voice skill. Owners of Alexa-enabled devices can ask for a specific show by date or by day, or can look for new programming with more open-ended queries from Radioplayer.

Anna Washenko