SpokenLayer wins Digiday Award for Best Audio Campaign

Last August we covered a new and original smart-speaker audio campaign for Lucky Charms, created by short-form audio producer SpokenLayer. Today we learn that the “Lucky Charms Magical Mission” creative has won the Digiday Award for Best Audio Campaign in 2020. The win is a watermark for the company’s extension from short-form audio production to creative studio work. Continue Reading

As ownership/listening increase, smart speakers could shift balance of power in advertising

According to a newly released consumer survey study by Adobe, twice as many smart speaker users report hearing advertisements than in the year-ago study. When you consider Amazon’s lead over Google in the realm of smart speaker devices, a general shift in the balance of advertising power could be underway as the marketplace becomes more saturated with the devices. Continue Reading

Spoken Layer expands from media narrations to audio for brands with Lucky Charms adventures

Short form audio producer SpokenLayer, best known for audio narrations of articles published by media juggernauts Heart, Tribune, TIME, and others. According to CEO Andy Lipset, the company is increasingly doing original programming production for branded content. The latest to launch is Lucky Charms Magical Mission, a leprechaun-hosted adventure to magical lands. Click through for Alexa sample. Continue Reading

Podcasts & Speakers reach all-time high share of ear (Edison)

Edison Research sent an advisory release comprising a piece of that company’s subscription Share of Ear project, an ongoing study of what Americans choose to listen to, and in what measure. In-home listening during COVID-19 is sharply up, predictably. Also, podcasting and smart-speaker listening gained by double-digit share in listening. Continue Reading

Survey predicts that at-home listening will be led by speakers during quarantining

Futuresource Consulting released a report with an outlook on how the coronavirus pandemic might impact music streaming. Given the uncertainty around how COVID-19 may continue to impact both individual listening habits and broader national economies, any sort of projections should be read with several grains of salt. But a surveys and forecasts can still help companies make their best guesses about where listening trends will go. Continue Reading