iHeartRadio to be default live music provider for Alexa children’s products

We know from The Smart Audio Report conducted by Edison Research and NPR, that smart speakers have a special (and perhaps unpredicted) appeal to kids, and therefore to parents who are bringing Alexa devices into their homes. “Eight in ten parents say these devices have made it easier to entertain their children, and nearly 90% say their children enjoy Smart Speakers,” according to NPR’s research summary.

iHeartRadio is leaping into that space with an announcement today that it will be the default provider of live music content for the newly launched Echo Dot Kids Edition, and the FreeTime Unlimited skill in Alexa. The branded audio that kids will be able to command includes Nick Radio, Radio Disney, Disney Princess Playlist, Kids Club Radio, Sing-alongs Playlist, iHR Family Top 40 Countdown and iHeartCountry Family.

The Echo Dot Kids Edition and the FreeTime Unlimited service are being launched today by Amazon. The company is extending is focus on children; the Fire Kids Edition tablet is the best-selling children’s table, according to Amazon. FreeTime Unlimited is available in all Echo devices. The Echo Dot Kids Edition is targeted as a stand-alone consumer electronics gadget for children.

Brad Hill