Opinion flood: Podcasters and listeners rate services in Podnews survey

At this week’s Podcast Movement Evolutions, Podnews editor James Cridland released some results of a recent Podnews survey of podcasters and listeners, asking them to rate and comment on platforms, apps, podcasting services, and directories according to several criteria.

Cridland’s PME keynote was a brief, top-level summary. Today, the Podnews website spills out an enormous repository of survey results — Podnews Report Card 2022 — going behind the rankings by revealing many dozens of comments. (Podnews is a Media Partner in RAIN’s Podcast Business Lunch.)

The survey was conducted in February, and the results are separated into Publishers (podcasters) and Listeners. The survey size was 128 publishers and 18 listeners — not huge, but the anonymized comments are voluminous, detailed, and interesting. Survey categories include:

  • Apps and listener experience
  • Directories and content
  • Insights (e.g. analytics dashboards)
  • Monetisation
  • Innovation
  • Standards
  • Creator relations
  • Overall

Apple, Google, and Spotify figure in nearly all categories, and The Podcast Index appears frequently (and was the definitive winner of the Innovation category). In the results, any platform or service receiving more than five votes is represented in the topline results.

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Brad Hill