RAIN Notes: Wednesday April 21

Jottings of note:

Threading the Apple

PodLink creator Nathan Gathright (now Product Designer at Podsights) authored a Twitter thread examining the new Apple Podcasters Program Agreement which itemizes several odd things. (Example: no MP3s for Apple-hosted podcasts, only WAV and FLAC.) THREAD


Selling the Score

An article in Variety details the bustling marketplace for music catalogs, and musicians who are selling into it. READ



Edison Research announced that WNYC subscribed to The Podcast Consumer Tracker. WNYC is already measured in Edison’s product; the Tracker is a consumer survey of podcast listening behavior, not a server-side measurement of downloads. Now WNYC can look at all the juicy results not released publicly. (Also, subscribers can submit custom questions to the survey.) Edison PAGE


— Wednesday, April 21

Brad Hill