Westwood One Podcast Network will rebrand as Cumulus Podcast Network

Cumulus Media-owned Westwood One Podcast Network will rebrand as Cumulus Podcast Network, the change taking place on May 6. Suzanne Grimes, Executive Vice President Corporate Marketing and President, Westwood One, will retain responsibility for the Company’s podcast sales network.

The public-facing change for the subsidiary makes eminent sense, even beyond eliminating whatever brand confusion exists between Cumulus (radio plus some original podcasts), Westwood One (radio syndication) and Westwood One Podcast Network (podcast networking and sales). The renaming combines all podcast products into a parent-company entity that is crystal clear to advertisers.

Placing our podcasts under the Cumulus umbrella allows us to offer our advertising partners easy access to the company’s full arsenal of digital products, said Grimes. This exciting expansion takes our fast-growing podcast network to the next level, as well as simplifies the buying process for agencies and brands, allowing our partners to seamlessly tap into the full power of our premium on-demand audio content.


Brad Hill