Cumulus Media: Emphasis on digital growth and redefinition as “audio-first media company”

In the Q1 earnings report from Cumulus Media, digital and podcasting took starring roles even as Covid-19 damaged quarterly results for the company as a whole. The Westwood One Podcast Network is part of Cumulus. CEO Mary Berner defines the business as “audio-first media company.” Digital is driving growth. Podcasts are soaring. Continue Reading


Westwood One joins Katz Expressway, bringing Cumulus inventory into programmatic

Cumulus Media-owned Westwood One has partnered with iHeartMedia-owned Katz Expressway, a programmatic advertising exchange powered by tech company Jelli. The immediate result is that radio stations in major Cumulus market have some commercial inventory in Expressway, available for automated buying. Continue Reading


On the Move: Changing guard at Cumulus; promotions at 7digital, UMG; a sales hire at Spotify

On the Move tracks hires, promotions, and other notable personnel changes within the online audio industry. Today’s moves include a new CEO at Cumulus Media and a new COO for 7digital. We also cover a promotion within the digital ranks at Universal and a new hire for Spotify’s Australia/New Zealand team. Continue Reading


Westwood One commissions study to highlight advertiser (mis)perception of AM/FM reach

In addition to the disruptive challenges faced by traditional radio as streaming continues to grow, there might be a perceptual challenge for the industry’s relationship with advertisers. That’s what Westwood One sought to reveal in a commissioned study from research company Advertiser Perceptions, the results of which can be interpreted to indicate that radio has greater consumer reach than buyers perceive. Continue Reading