Audio listening likely disrupted, possibly reduced, by changes in routine

A couple of audio consumption numbers got our attention this morning. They indicate that consumer listening might be shifting in unexpected ways as lifestyle habits are disrupted. The first number: AM/FM radio From Fred Jacobs, promoting the upcoming release of… Continue Reading


jacapps upgrades its radio mobile apps to work on leading connected car systems

Jacobs Media-owned jacapps, a mobile app developer with a concentration in radio, announced in a webinar yesterday that its apps have been made compatible with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Ford’s SmartDeviceLink system. The upgrade will be available to radio stations next month. Continue Reading


Fred Jacobs and Roger Lanctot illuminate the mysteries of Net-connected cars at The Radio Show

It is an oft-repeated platitude that AM/FM will never be outcast from digitally empowered cars of the future. That might be true, given broadcast’s stalwart advantages of locality, simplicity, and ubiquity. Even accepting that premise, though, doesn’t address questions of… Continue Reading