Daniel Ek on podcasting, audiobooks, global ambition, and competitors

As if often the case, much of the interesting content during Spotify’s Q2 earnings call this week transpired during the investor Q&A. There, CEO Daniel Ek and Head of Investor Relations Paul Vogel spoke of the company’s global ambitions, how podcasting is shaking out for Spotify, and a mention of audiobooks. Click through for quotes. Continue Reading


Quick Hits: Citi report critique. “Hearables.” Spotify’s strategy and Apple’s response. BBC on Spotify.

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web: Music Biz Slams Citi Report on Industry & Artist Revenue as ‘Inconsistent,’ ‘Inaccurate.’ The future is ear: Why “hearables” are finally tech’s next big thing. Spotify’s $30 billion playlist for global domination. Cook says Apple not in music streaming for the money. Your Favourite BBC Podcasts, Now on Spotify in the UK. Continue Reading


Could the Taylor Swift publicity be good for Spotify?

When a global consumer service loses the most popular product in its catalog, it’s pretty bad news on the face of it. The seriousness of Taylor Swift’s much-publicized withdrawal from Spotify is perhaps reflected in the gravity and scope of founder Daniel Ek’s blog response yesterday. But crowd opinion, and thousands of news articles, might add up to good publicity. Spotify itself is uniquely asking Taylor Swift to return, with a “Come back, Taylor!” playlist. Continue Reading


Daniel Ek responds to Taylor Swift with comprehensive defense of Spotify

The decision by Taylor Swift and her label, Big Machine, to remove her entire back catalog from Spotify sparked a wave of debates and arguments about the pros and cons of the streaming music economy. Swift herself said in an interview with Yahoo that the reason for her action was her skepticism about streaming platforms. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek wrote a lengthy blog post in an effort to clear up misunderstandings about the streaming ecosystem that have sparked many of the most vocal diabtribes. Continue Reading